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    What the heck is this gadget called Fan Connect?

    Fan Connect is an innovative Android/iPhone App with Google Maps integration, connects spectators and fans with athletes in real-time on race courses. Fan Connect benefits marathoners and cyclists who have their phone with them during events by providing immediate feedback to their loved ones and fans watching from home or the sideline.

    Oh, Cool!  So how does it work?

    Athletes and fans download the Fan Connect App from Google Play or iTunes Marketplace. Athletes create a profile and select events within the list of events to add to their profile. Fan Connect’s database will list every major marathon, century, and cycling race in the nation. You can also request to have unlisted events added.

    Fans and athletes search for athletes of interest and send them a Fan Request to become connected, for monitoring the athlete during their events. Athletes approve or ignore all Fan Requests at their discretion. Athletes can remove fans at any time.

    Really…hmm tell me more!

    Athletes can also opt to be viewed publicly so anyone using Fan Connect can watch their event progress along with other athletes that have opted to go public. The power of viewing these athletes on the real-time Google Map is the heart of the Fan Connect App. We call this the Public Race; it is a feature that resonates strongly for sports-lovers, competitive participants and spectators.

    Can I brag, I mean share on social networking?

    Athletes may use their Facebook or Twitter login to enable the App to post personal real-time updates such as their progress on the course and an estimated time of completion, a revolutionary element of Fan Connect.

    When is this available and is there a fee to use the service?

    Fan Connect launches this weekend, featuring five major marathons taking place on January 20th: Louisiana, Maui Oceanfront, Ocala, Redding and the P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona marathons. Whether you are racing, watching, or following be sure to check out Fan Connect and stay connected to your loved ones out on the course. Fan Connect is 4.99 for Athletes and FREE for the fans.

    Do you have a website?

    Check us out for more details at http://www.fanconnect.net



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