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    It’s not all about the bike people!  You have options. I can’t stomach seeing another story about Oprah in any of my social media or news feeds so here are some alternative listening & viewing choices that have nothing to do with Oprah.  Since Howard Stern isn’t doing the interviewing I will probably sit it out in order to watch Justified or something.  The only issue I want to get to the bottom of is the truth about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and I can’t see Oprah tackling the hard questions like that.   Below is some of our stuff if you still want to be all pure and cycling like in your media viewing and listening today.

    NorCal Cycling News Podcast

    We have been flogging this regularly but for good reason, it’s pretty cool.  With over 10k listens to the different shows it’s exceeded out expectations.  Here are some of the highlights from our show which is kinda like NPR’s Fresh air but with out the Terry Gross, editing, and a budget.

    • Megan Guarnier – She may have made the Olympics but she landed a killer contract with “The Team Formerly Known as Rabobank.”  This rider has had a roller coaster of a year, get the inside scoop.
    • Nicola Cranmer – Cranmer dishes on the dirt and glamour of managing a top ranked women’s cycling team.  You think it’s all free equipment and exotic locations?  Learn what life on the road is really like.  She wanted Howard Stern to do the interview but had to settle for me.
    • Beth Newell – Newell’s first year on a pro team was a stunning success.  Newell is funny and insightful in this conversation with Flandria
    • Tanya Dubnicoff – This Olympian has taken over the Canadian women’s track program.  While Canada is small their success is large.  Learn how they do it.

    NorCal Cycling News on YouTube

    It ain’t fancy, and we haven’t even logged, tagged and fixed up most of the videos but we have some cyclocross content from Nationals that is worth a look.

    • Cyclocross Nationals Gossip – Watch the Stars of Cyclocross weigh on on NorCal’s Super Bee team.
    • Chris Kreidl Interview – The former TIBCO mechanic weighs in on the 2013 women’s peloton.
    • Don Myrah – The cool part about NorCal is guys like Don live and race with us.  LEGENDARY
    • Gannon Myall – Check out this post race interview with Gannon.  You can see why many NorCal’ers only race in our Mediterranean bubble.




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