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    We’ve got a great line up for everyone this coming year!  Our podcast listeners are growing and we at NorCal CyclingNews thank you for your support.  As producer for the podcast shows at NorCal CyclingNews, it is a great pleasure to work with extremely creative and professional people.  We are now moving toward a direction of bigger and better shows to share as well as partnering with amazing people in the cycling community.

    I am very proud to announce our exciting podcast shows coming up in the very near future.  Enjoy!


    cxworldTed’s first Prime Time episode will be a big boom of cyclocross racers going to the CX World Championships in Louisville, KY.  Some names in his interviews are Danny Summerhill, Jade Wilcoxson, Meredith Miller, Kaitie Antonneau and Katie Compton.  Our deepest thank you to a great partnership with Molly Hurford, Managing Editor of Cyclocross Magazine.  Molly will be our guest host together with Ted to provide an electrifying interview with the high caliber talents representing the USA in Louisville, KY!

    Cyclocross Magazine will provide full coverage of CX World Championship so check out their website for updates!  There’s only one Cyclocross Magazine so subscribe today!

    Stay tuned for updates on Norcal CyclingNews fan page for the interview link next week!



    Tom-BoonenWe are very please to also announce a unique show conceptualized by the team delivering a “reality” series on audio.  There is nothing like it out there, only on Norcal CyclingNews!  This year Norcal Cycling News follows a young cyclist as he make his big push to go from the Elite to pro ranks.  Watch him deal with his coach, team, family and the US peloton through out the year to find out the true cost of becoming a pro. We aren’t ready to share the names of our main host and the young cyclist we are following but you can stay tuned and find out!  Episode #1 will be out this coming February 2013 and we will reveal names!

    Listen to “Making of a Pro” teaser




    Coach Felicia Gomez

    Next week’s coach is Felicia Gomez!  We want to continue to support womens professional and amateur cyclist by providing information to help them in their bike racing.  A coach series is one way to share information and motivate those new or experienced racers.

    Founder of Pinnacle Training SystemsFelicia earned a Ph.D. in Exercise Metabolism and Nutrition from the University of Guelph, Canada in 2000. She has over 10 years of teaching experience at the university and college level and is an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at CSU, Fresno. She has published several articles in scientific journals related to training, nutrition and sports performance. Felicia also comes from a long history of elite level training and competition. She has over 20 years of running experience, 5 years of professional duathlon competition and 5 years as a professional cyclist.

    We have a great resource to ask questions about training and nutrition so make sure you “Ask the Coach” on Monday.  Stay tuned to a post on our NCCN facebook fan page every Monday and post your questions as comments.  We will make sure to ask our guest coach next week!

    We are open to any products or services that would like to contribute to the continuation of our limited budget shows.  We want to continue to improve and give you great shows always even with limited resources.  All our podcasts are FREE on iTunes and will continue to be available for the cycling community as well as anyone interested.  Your contribution will be transformed into ads that will be included into the podcast shows.  We like to support NorCal businesses.  Contact norcal at love.com for your interest!



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