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    The SuperBee’s left for Bakersfield early Saturday morn.  The piled up their bikes on top of an old sedan, fixed their dreadlocks and headed down south.  After scouting the course they all had one thought in their heads.  “Margarita Time!”  It was the first step in the shelacking NorCal gave SoCal this weekend at the State Championship showdown in Bakersfield which was won by over 100 points.

    “Matty and I rolled deep, strategized the course the day before and ate/drank plenty of Mexican cuisine, then lined up in style on Sunday.” wrote Super Bee Captain Lee Slone in is post race correspondence.  “It was an unmitigated success! That’s right, you can say unmitigated in front of things that aren’t “failure”.”

    The Men’s Category 3 race was filled with ups and downs for the Super Bees according to Captain Slone

    “We were in the front row at the start and I took the hole shot, but a crash formed behind that Matty was involved in (photo here by Nick Nesbitt). After the high-speed start, I basically drifted backwards the whole time, but kept tabs on if I was being passed by Norcal or Socal folk. If they were from Norcal, no problem! In the end I finished 8th on the official standings, but was declared by Ellen Sherrill to be the handup winner for taking the technically challenging pizza-dollar-beer triple handup (as documented by Jeff Namba, here). I think we had most of the top ten covered, with strong “shadow government super bees” like Chris Atkinson hitting the podium.” ~ Lee Slone

    The oldest Super Bee, Chris Rippey rode a strong race to land on the podium but was disappointed to to return to NorCal without the win. “I didn’t reign in the guy who won and was out sprinted by the guy who got second,” said Rippey to will be back next season to try and reclaim the title for NorCal.

    The strongest ride of the day belonged to Queen Bee Carolina Maria Gomez Villafañe who caught the Elite group and would have finished in front if not for confusion on the lap count.

    I could kind of hear the announcer say I was taking over the elite category, and sure enough I saw the first place girl from Elite.  She was so close! Stupid me on the fourth lap I kind of stopped because I thought I was done. Since no one said anything I figured I would do one more lap just in case. By then the 10 second separation from the 1st place elite woman became like a 30 second gap, from what people were yelling. I was able to close the gap a little more but i think i ended up 20 seconds behind her, getting 2nd in the overall and 1st in my cat. ~ Carolina Maria Gomez Villafañe

    Gomez Villafañe will be a name to watch next year and should be a contendor to follow in the footsteps for other NorCal locals like Bradford, Kaiser, and the Men’s Elite winner Tobin Ortenbland who have all made a splash on the national scene the last few years.

    Check out the video from Captain Slone.

    Bakersfield The Movie [Rough] from Lee Slone on Vimeo.




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