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    We now have 3 coach interviews and there’s more to come!  Enjoy these podcast episodes covering great topics about coaching, nutrition, coaching services and interesting interviews with coaches in NorCal.  The racing season just started and it’s never too late to find a coach that fits your needs to meet your 2013 goals.  Remember, there are no right or wrong in choosing a coach but choosing the right coach that fits your season’s goal or goals is important.

    Here is a quick recap of the interviews and a guide to useful links:


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    Pinnacle Training System is owned by Felicia Gomez.  Felicia earned a Ph.D. in Exercise Metabolism and Nutrition from the University of Guelph, Canada in 2000. She has over 10 years of teaching experience at the university and college level and is an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at CSU, Fresno. She has published several articles in scientific journals related to training, nutrition and sports performance. Felicia also comes from a long history of elite level training and competition. She has over 20 years of running experience, 5 years of professional duathlon competition and 5 years as a professional cyclist.

    In this podcast interview, we covered Felicia’s major achievements in her professional cycling career as well as her experience racing with the Webcor women’s team.  We covered various topics in nutrition such as fad diets such as paleo or veganism, supplements, beet juice and how to get the proper nutritional needs as an athlete or a couch potato.  We covered the 3 levels of coaching services Pinnacle Training Systems offer in great detail.  Many more great information!

    Website: Pinnacle Training System
    Facebook: Pinnacle Training System Fan Page



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    Heather Nielson is the owner of Ride Empowered Coaching Services.  Find out what is “Ride Empowered”, how she got into racing in NorCal, a look back at some of her challenges in her racing career, get information about her coaching, hear about the latest on her support and campaign project to build a Velodrome in Sacramento plus many more juicy information about racing and training with Coach Heather!

    Coach Heather is a go getter so let’s get to know her better!

    In this podcast interview, we interviewed Heather as an athlete and the challenges in pursuing two careers, as a coach and as an elite cyclist.  We talked about how to choose a coach and how a client can be successful in their goals.  Heather also has some group clinics for beginner racers and she explains why these clinics are important specially to those who are getting into racing their bikes.  We also discussed Nicole Cooke’s retirement statement published the day before this interview.

    Website: Ride Empowered Coaching
    Twitter: Heather Nielson Tweets


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    Marissa Axell is the owner of Axell Fitness Works.  Coach Marissa Axell carefully prescribes workouts designed to maximize results. By challenging you to think and move out of your comfort zone, you’ll redefine your limits and begin imagining your possibilities, ultimately fulfilling your goals. With experiential advice derived from her years of coaching, and encouraging tips with a focus on positive attitudes, Marissa motivates and guides you toward your goals.

    In this podcast interview, we take a look at a “day in a life” of a coach and as an elite athlete.  We talked about her first bike racing experience as well her favorite NorCal races.  We also chatted about the upcoming Merco Ladies Stage race, predictions and her philosophy in coaching.  Lots of good information!

    Website: Axell Fitness Works
    Facebook: Axell Fitness Works Fan Page

    Please contact us if you have any coach recommendations that you would like to know more about or if you are a coach and is interested in sharing your services, contact us at norcal at love.com.



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