• Cal Aggie Crit: Portent of Things to Come

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    Photo by Alex Chiu
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    Rosters are in, riders look fit, and the pre-season races are rolling deep.  Snelling is just around the corner and lots of hungry riders lined up on a beautiful NorCal day for Cal Aggie Crit.  I don’t have much in the way of reporting but I do have some cool photos from Alex Chiu and quotes from random riders.

    “Cal Aggie Crit yesterday… definitely a portent of things to come this year … Chuck Hutcheson crushing fourthousand attacks per lap, James LaBerge and Sam Bassetti dueling sprintbeasts soon to be called to the professional ranks … and Adam Switters still riding his gawdamn hoods after all these years (and still flattening boys double his weight).

    gonna be a great year of racing in the NorCal again.” ~ Hernando

    Men P/1/2

    Sam Bassetti (Cal-Giant) is getting close to being done with his schooling and once he’s finished it’s going to get a little rougher in the NorCal peloton to find some wins.  Bassetti took a narrow field sprint from the other sprinter on the rise, James Laberge (Team Mikes Bikes), for his first USAC win of the season.

    Last years dominator Chuck Hutcheson also weighed in on the finish via twitter after working the breaks lap after lap in his new Full Circle kit. “1. Bassetti, 2. LaBerge, 3. Hutcheson. 1st and 2nd were really close. 3rd, not so close.” ~ Chuck Hutcheson 

    Women P/1/2/3

    An early break led by Amy Chandos and Ali Tetrick  (Exergy 2016) got some room and proceeded to leave the field in the dust after two laps of racing.  After racing the masters event, Beth Newell (Now Novartis) bridged up with Sunny Townsend on her wheel, to complete the quartet.  The break worked efficiently until they were about to lap the field when the riders decided to let up to avoid any lap count confusion.  This pause gave Korina Huizar and Dani Haulman, who had been chasing since then end of the second lap, a chance to make contact.  The duo never made it and in the closing laps Tetrick attacked get away from Newell, who was the favorite going into the sprint.  Newell won the sprint, followed by Tetrick in 2nd, Chandos  in 3rd, and Townsend in 4th.  Newell was impressed with the chasing duo of Huizar and Haulman who trailed in for 4th and 6th.   “Super super strong riding from the new Folsom Bikes team,” said Newell.  “All former UC- Davis riders.” 



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