• Keywin Pedals: The Lost Interbike Files

    by  • January 29, 2013 • tech

    feature-body-stack_heightAlex from Keywin gave me a run down on the Keywin Pedal system. Keywin was popular back in the day but vanished from the US market for a number of years due distribution issues. They are back and moving pedals out of an SF based office.

    Given the current technology and science behind bike fits Keywin offers riders and fitters another tool in helping riders get more connected to their bike. All the float is in the pedal and you can tension the float and modify the stack height really easily. In addition the pedal offers a much higher degree of cleat adjustment across the surface of the shoe than any other clipless pedal i’ve seen. Thanks to Dan Smith of sportvelo.com for stoping and making me check it out.  This is a must see for folks into bike fitting or that have foot and knee issues.



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