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    Alternative race promoter Murphy Mack checked in to tell us about his upcoming Spring Classic on March 1oth.  Always looking for epic riders and courses Murphy has a full slate of events lined up this year for those looking to taste some dirt, pain, and good beer.  There are only a few slots left for the first event so check it out. 

    188168_495566007161229_228380673_nTell us about this years first SuperPro even the infamous “Spring Classic.”  

    The first SuperPRo event this year is the Spring Classic. Last year we ran two of these, 100 and 110 miles with about 9k of climbing over pavement and dirt roads. This year we’ve got routes laid out that have both dirt and pavement again, but they can be modified in case of wet weather. We had a ten mile long section of peanut butter for the first one last year and we’d like to avoid that again this year. The route is set up for interesting climbs and screaming descents.

    There is a high “Pain to Beer’ ratio involved in The Spring Classics – how do you figure out that equation?

    The idea is that these rides are an homage to the Spring Classics of Europe. Unpredictable weather though it’s usually foul, demanding routes that have lots of climbing and bad road surfaces. We try to mix that with a good amount of hot food enroute and good beers. Like Matt Peterson from Roaring Mouse said “It doesn’t have to be ‘fun’ to be FUN!”

    How did it go last year?

    Last year we had over 100 riders at each event. We scheduled one the same weekend as the Sea Otter to give locals a choice of something different if they didn’t want to dot he whole festival weekend thing. This year we’re running one Spring Classics and then the Two-Day State Mullet which is a two-day version of the Spring Classic with overnight camping. That one is going to out do everything else like this that we’ve done so far- it’s 220 miles and point-to-point format. The route is amazing.

    If you could pick a mythological creatures to spread around the course what would it be?

    I’d go with some sort of Dryad. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the forest in Mendocino getting our MTB events together and it’s so dark and quite back in the redwoods that you’d swear they’re out there… looking after the woods.

    Funniest story from last years events – go!

    Oh geez… there’s so many to choose from! I guess the best story off the top of my head would be the 35 degree temps and driving rain in the Big Basin area on the first Spring Classic. We got a call, well, several calls that people were abandoning and that they needed to be sagged out.

    No problem we thought. Four? Five? “How many?”, I asked…

    “About forty.”

    Oh @##&.

    “Twenty at the golf course and twenty at the Ranger Station”.

    Uh-oh. We hatched a plan to get a caravan of cars to hustle over the mountain and get them. We had one box truck for bikes and four vehicles. We were worried that people would get hypothermic before we could collect them all because temps were dropping in to the thirty’s and there were so many of them.

    When we got to the golf course, the checkpoint people told us that they were in the clubhouse across the street. We went in there and there they were, safe and sound. Gathered around the fireplace and they’d been eating french fries and drinking whiskey for about an hour. Nooooo problem. We wedged them into our cars and truck and went to collect the next 20 at the ranger station. They were slow to come out when we arrived. They had met a group of people celebrating an 80th birthday there for someone whose life long favorite hiking area is Big Basin. They were brought in on the red wine and birthday cake by the party there.

    You have some cool partners, Cedar Apparel, beer guys, etc.  Tell us about your sponsors…

    Our key folks are Advanced Autowerks, Cedar Cycling, Ritchey Components,  Marin, Mike’s Bikes, New Belgium and Alaskan Brewing… they all like to be a little bit outside the normal formulaic bike events. They know that the people whose entire lifestyle and identity are not always at just USAC and UCI events. They support local events that draw a crowd that likes to go fast and have fun, but are not be going to weigh their food when they get home. Our sponsors like the space space between “grass-roots” and UCI.

    If you could pick some pro riders to do these course who would you pick?

    I’d love to have the Canadian Nation Champ Mical Dyck come back. She is all class and fun to hang out with. Barry Wicks is another class act. I’d love to get guys like the JacqueManiacs, Ned, Don Myrah. Ryan Trebon and Kabush would be a great addition this year too. Local pros like Chris Phipps, Rand What’s-his-name kid – and we need to see Pastore and Tobin show up at these as well.



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