• Merco Classics: Women Pro 1/2/3 Start List

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    merco The 2013 MERCO Cycling Classic will be held on Thursday, February 28, 2013 through Sunday, March 3, 2013 in Merced, CA. The Classic consists of the Merced Irrigation District Road Race, an Individual Time Trial, the Downtown Grand Prix, and theHilltop Ranch Road Race.

    For more information, visit TopSportCycling.com.

    2013 Merco Classics have added a “most passionate” rider award.  This will be given daily to 1 rider in the pro men and womens field that puts in the most work, either off the front, helping a teammate, or just never giving up!  $75 Prize each day plus jersey (excluding TT).

    Women Pro 1/2/3 Start List (As of 2/20/2013)

    DNA Cycling p/b Plan7

    Flavia Oliveira

    Anne Perry

    Breanne NalderSalt

    Kaytie Scott

    Kemille Garvin

    Megan Cloward

    Keri Gibson

    Rachel Cieslewicz

    Megan Hill


    Exergy TWENTY16

    Alison Tetrick

    Lauren Tamayo

    Andera Dvorak

    Rebecca Balboni

    Mara Abbott


    Folsom Bike/Cervelo

    Fiona Strouts

    Sunshine Townsend

    Claire Morgan


    Fremont Bank Cycling Team

    Josie Morgan

    Heather Ross

    Marissa Axell


    Metromint Cycling

    Laurie Furman

    Lisa Mueller

    Rikke Preisler

    Eileen Mazzochette


    NOW and Novartis for MS

    Alexis RyanVentura

    Elizabeth “Beth” Newell

    Maura Kinsella

    Robin Farina

    Kathryn Donovan

    Olivia Dillon

    Alison Powers

    Lauren Rauck Komanski

    Lex Albrecht


    Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies

    Amber Gaffney

    Lauren Hall

    Leah Kirchmann

    Brianna Walle

    Annie Ewart


    Pinnacle p/b Argon 18

    Emma Grant

    Felicia Gomez

    Sara Clafferty

    Jennifer Zierke

    Juliette Olson

    Amy Thornquist

    Rhonda Serr


    SC Velo/Incycle

    Becky Siegel

    Jenny Rios

    Beatriz Rodriguez

    Holly Breck



    Evelyn Stevens

    Ina-Yoko Teutenberg

    Ally Stacher

    Tayler Wiles


    Spy Giant Ride

    Caitlin Larochelos

    Kristabel Doebel-HickokMarina


    CashCall Mortgage

    Joy McCulloch



    Adrienne Belliveau


    Jobing.com Women’s Racing

    Lindsay Fox


    KENDA p/b RACC

    Emily Thurston


    Los Gatos

    Lucia Mokres



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