• MERCO begins today!

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    MERCO coverage!

    merco2013NCCN in-house artist and supercorrespondent, TIM WESTMORE, will be giving reports from Thursday’s opening stage of the MERCO CYCLING CLASSIC.  It’s the MIDI-loop stage – an incredible circuit that is so fast and furious that you get punch drunk on how many laps you’re supposed to do.  And this year TOPSPORTCYCLING.com has a superb finishing stretch that will see serious drama unfolding.

    I can’t wait to see who’s going to be wearing the leaders’ jerseys (thanks Jakroo.com!)

    I’ll join Tim on Friday and it’ll be the Hernando-Westmore tag-team of coverage all weekend long as we live-post as much as possible on our socialwebsources – please check us at facebook.com/#nccn / #ncnca / #merco


    Hernando’s Stage 1 Predictions:

    I think the women’s field has a number of very, very good time trialists this year … so, believe this race will have a big group coming into the finishing climb and it will be a punchy, explosive rider who takes the first jersey.  It’s hard to bet against a World Cup winner … so, I won’t – and will say that a group of 30-35 riders will hit the finishing kick and Evelyn Stevens will launch away for a tight win.  I doubt a breakaway will go on this stage … it would have to have Exergy, NOW, Optum, and Lulu-Specialized in it … not to mention all the other strong regional teams there like Pinnacle/Argo, DNA7, SCVelo, Folsom Bikes, etc.

    I’ll predict a widdled down fitness group rumbling into the finishing kick with a big battle between all the stars and rising talents.  I can’t wait to hear the results!


    Of course I hope that Ben Jacques-Maynes wins by 4 hours.  Here’s a guy who got the Tour of California leader’s jersey stolen from him by a rider cheating on performance enhancing drugs (levi leipheimer), been side-swiped by cars … but, just keeps coming back stronger and stronger to be a true professional athlete.  This guy works everyday, every year to earn his bread and feed his family.

    Yeah – it’s BJM all the time, every time.

    BUuuuuut … he is too much of a pretty boy, to be honest … and his wife is hot, and he has great kids … so, on the other hand – maybe I want Logan Loader to win.  Ok – if BJM doesn’t win, Logan Loader should definitely get the victory salute money shot today.

    Go Logan!



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