• NCCN Disp#ches: Merco Classic Stage 2 Report

    by  • March 1, 2013 • race coverage, spring classic

    Evelyn Stevens Came to Win

    _MGP0956 Merco TT

    Stevens rides a bike like a boxer hitting a heavy bag – super quick and precise, bang, bang, bang.  There is a springy confidence in her pedalstroke and she has the eyes of someone who sees a far off goal and won’t distract from it.  She’s stepped right into world-class and now it’s the journey to see how far she will get.

    I’m so digging the redbooted-TT-‘minatrix aerogetup she slipped on today …. talk about Captain America.

    Taylor Wiles – best dad of the peloton

    _MGP0970 Merco TTRick Wiles wants his daughter to win the old fashioned way … by being the last one standing.

    Wiles has the grit.  The coming Olympic cycle is going to see the strongest American pool of candidates … ever.

    Three years … that’s really what we’re talking about – 3 years.  Today’s rising stars will be peaking come 2016, and Wiles at the highest level of what will be the best class of American Olympic-cycle women racers ever.

    Shout-out to Dave Towle

    Dave Towle knows all the teams, first names of racers, their results … he has perspectives that both racers and fans enjoy.

    _MGP9976 Merco TT









    Dave makes a race.


    oh my stars, it is so incredibly hot to have two outspoken anti-doping advocates crushing the front end of bike races.

    _MGP0402 Merco TT

    Ben Jacques-Maynes has the return of his buttersmooth and focused TT position.  His stage win today was assassin-cool.  He’s won the Blossom road race in the past – but with a gap of 50 seconds after today, it’s long-odds that he can overcome Phil Gaimon.

    Gaimon is smart and riding in superb form right now.  And he gets stronger as the challenge grows.  The leaders jersey isn’t pinned to him … but it’s not blowing off him easy either.

    There will be a show in Merced this weekend.

    NorCal stories – Loader, Carlsen, Teeter

    Logan Loader steamrolled it for a 10th overall and Young Jersey leader’s jersey award for the day.  Loader will work hard to keep that jersey through Sunday – it’s good publicity for him and his team.

    Kirk Carlsen will be turning a few teams’ heads after his opening 2 days at Merco.  He made the break on tortuous stage 1, and was powerful in the TT, pulling down a 4th in GC by the end of the day.

    And NCCN-nod goes to Jon Teeter for nailing a 6th in GC after the TT, as well. .



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