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    I think the NorCal HS MTB League should take over USAC and the UCI. They run a better organization.  Check out the latest press release they sent out with results… Awesome!  I went through it and got annoyed that none of the Peninsula HS’s can get their act together.  I guess I’ll have to cheer for Santa Cruz.

    Team Standings from “Ride at the Raceway”

    Division 1
    1. Salinas High School
    2. Drake High School
    3. Tamalpais High School

    Division 2
    1. Spartans High School MTB Composite
    2. Albany High School
    3. Santa Cruz Composite


    2013 NorCal High School Cycling League (All Conference) Series Race Number Four–Race Report: Ride at the Raceway

    8 April 2013
    By Greg Fisher
    Contact: Vanessa Hauswald, vanessa@norcalmtb.org, www.norcalmtb.org

    Salinas, CA–The Law of the Conservation of Momentum is not exciting on paper. It dryly defines the nature of particles interacting in a system and how their force is carried as those particles knock into each other. It consists of a stiff collection of formulas wrapped up in abstract language with barely discernible application to daily living. It’s Newtonian nerdiness of the highest order and it’s often the domain of balding men sporting pocket protectors and clip neckties.

    Until you get on a bike, of course.

    On course at Laguna Seca every racer on a bike became a variable in a bold new equation, one that included steep pitches, gnar gnar descents, dust, wind, surging blood cells, and lungs clamoring for oxygen. They rolled the hills inland of Monterey Bay on the course shared by the Sea Otter Classic, navigating infamous pitches like Hurl Hill on the same track world champion pros will race a mere two weeks later. As a group, they are hurtling towards Boggs and the State Championships at Stafford Lake. They are living, breathing players in a formula that illustrates a key physical principle: momentum, once gained, can’t be lost, only rechanneled. Even on Hurl Hill.

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