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    I got the following presse release in the email the other week which subsequently let to a short interview. Made me interested to see what the Verdict crew will come up with in the near future so they answered a few questions on their backgrounds and what they are working on in the next few months. Turns out their Cervelo project was honored in the Webby Awards too. 
    k63Vd-SCK9oNcqpvld8pSl0FhiKBphNE83aPbstd6ss Just wanted to pass these videos along to you for your blogging pleasure. As of this morning, Cervelo bicycles launched their new RCA bike…basically the lightest, stiffest bike on the market with increased aerodynamics and a load of other tech improvements…you can find all the fun details at www.cervelo.com/rca/

    The reason we are hitting you up, is that we (VerdictDigital) are responsible for the videos and photos that accompany the product launch. We are super proud to be apart of this launch as well as getting the opportunity to work with a brand as awesome as Cervelo. Although a bit pricey, this frame is for sure pushing the boundaries of technology in the bicycle marketplace and paving the way for future developments.

    A little about us: Verdict Digital is a small photo/video production house in Northern California, with some pretty big ideas. We place great value on aesthetics, are disruptive by nature, and pride ourselves on telling emotive stories in the most visually beautiful way we can. Our small staff includes a former ESPN producer, a washed up professional athlete, a one-time casting agent, a tv sports anchor, an actor and voice-over artist…just to name a few. Oh yeah, and we’re all bike geeks and ride almost everyday in and around the Bay Area, CA.

    Check out more of our work at VerdictDigital.com

    Please feel free to share the following videos. I know Cervelo probably doesn’t need your help, but we would like to pump our tires a bit…if you know what I mean.


     Zach and the Verdict Crew

    Who is Verdict?  They are some local cycling/tri guys you just might know!

    Verdict Digital

    Johan VanSumeren, Zach, Derek

    Zach – Verdict founder and owner

    A NCAA national champion on lacrosse field, as well as a veteran in the pro ranks and a bronze medal winner with Team USA in 2007. A terrible knee injury ended his career and now cycling dominates his competitive life. You can find Zach on ascending Grizzly Peak/Skyline most AM’s and biking in circles at Oakland’s P.O.O. training sessions. With his track build complete, Zach is ready to make a name for himself at Hellyer Velodrome.

    On the production side, Zach has been everywhere. A sports anchor for CBS, casting agent, and freelance producer for ESPN,commercial actor, and voice over artist. Zach is putting all his production knowledge to good use to back his own company, and is charged with principle photography and the general aesthetic of the Verdict brand.

    Derek- Verdict’s right hand man.

    Trained as an EMT in the military, Derek has pushed his body to the limit. He does so on his bike as well. With no computers or machines to track his progress, Derek is the soul searcher when it comes to riding. Often disappearing for hours on solo rides, he has mapped out the many climbs and descents of the bay area…all in his head.

    On the production side, Derek is the main editor at Verdict Digital and tells emotive stories in beautiful visual fashion. Derek is also the main audio technician on set as well as technical director…all those years in the military has made him quite handy.

    Gani – Photographer

    The main photographer of the Verdict Crew, Gani captures all the stills we need for projects as well as some behind the scenes gold to use for blackmail purposes. Although he owns a fancy road bike, Gani spends most of his training hours gearing up for various marathons.

    Gani also runs his own portrait studio in the east bay..check him out at GaniPineroPhotography.com

    AO aka Agent Ogden

    The mystery man of the Verdict crew. definitely the mad scientist type. Once in while you can catch AO ripping his old school mtb bike through Golden Gate Park..that is, when he isn;t on tour with the band Primus, as their video guy. If you’ve been to a Primus show, you’ve seen his work.

    AO is also responsible for starting the Palladia TV channel, and has credits in various films, docs, TV shows and such.

    What else have you guys got in the pipeline?

    We work very closely with Matt Dixon and PurplePatch Fitness. He’s an SF based endurance coach. So ongoing projects with him and his stable of pro triathletes.

    We have some more videos coming out for Cervelo in the next weeks/months, first to pump the new R5 bike, and maybe getting chance to shoot some riders over in France. Guess there’s some big race or something over there.

    Our next big gig is coming up in a week…heading to Tonga to shoot a feature film. Semi-historical as it is 1st tongan narrative film to be shot in tonga using Tongan actors. This will be put my Hellyer run-to-glory on hold for a few weeks.

    We are also in the pre-launch stage for a cycling accessory/advocacy line due out this summer. Basically, want to help promote all facets of cycling (in Norcal, USA, etc) through selling product and also having a very emotive video series to accompany. (Think rapha-esque)



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