• NABRA & USCX: And Then The Other Shoe Dropped

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    It won’t come as a surprise to anybody that the UCI’s latest blunderbuggle has strengthened the resolve of many to put their collective heads together and try to create a competing organizing body to take on USAC and the UCI.  The first ‘new’ attempt, and I say new because there have been attempts in the past like FIAC, to compete with USAC and UCI, will be running as NABRA, North American Bicycle Racing Association, and USCX, US Cyclocross.  Roadbikereview.com, a fine NorCal publication if I do say so myself, posted the news on their website earlier today – New National Sanctioning Body Set To Compete with USA Cycling/

    The team behind NABRA and USCX is being powered by the folks running OBRA.  For those unfamiliar with our neighbors to the north, the OBRA crew is the last bastion of independence in the US cycling world. OBRA’s emphasis on grass roots events, user experience, and fun, ever hear of Cross Crusade?, may have single handedly propel cyclocross beyond the borders of New England and Santa Cruz.

    Murphy Mack, of SuperPro Racing, a promoter of alternative-epic style races, announced his promotions company would be working with NABRA and CX in due course.  Below is a quick Q&A with Murphy Mack following the announcement.

    NCCN: So what does this announcement mean for NorCal?

    Murphy: We think it means that races will be safe, well organized, put you in contention for rankings, not incur high fees and stodgy rules, and most of all not eviscerate the fun out of bike racing.

    NCCN: Will SuperPro be run under NABRA or The CX flag?

    Murphy: SuperPro Racing events will run under both. Our CX events will be USCX and our MTB and Road events will be NABRA.

    NCCN: Any ideas on who else in NorCal will be involved? 

    Murphy: We cannot speak as to what other promoters will be on board, however we believe that they will each make their announcements with a bang when they do. This is not a new idea, the discontent has been brewing for some time now and has been palpable in the past couple of years.

    NCCN: Tell us where this came from and who’s running the show – looks like an OBRA Mafia is in charge?

    Murphy: There’s been chatter for a couple of years amongst the not-stoked-on-USAC promoter crowd on the West Coast and the guys at OBRA have their ducks in a row. They were the logical choice to lead the charge because they’ve been doing a pro job for so long and are well organized. We’re just happy they decided to take on the heavy lifting of what is going to prove to be a really, really exciting project for racers of all disciplines as well as the promoters who risk a lot on these events.




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