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    Don’t Miss Heather on NorCal Cycling News Podcast Series

    By Heather Nielson / Alex Chiu

    Ed. Note – We should have a full report tomorrow but here is a quick hit from the weekends stage racing.

    Women’s Pro 1/2

    TT – As suspected, Molly Van Houweling (Metromint)  won the womens TT with Juliette Olsen (Pinnacle), and Jane Despas, who is now racing solo, taking 2nd and 3rd respectfully.  “It’s a beautiful course along the river but it was challenging conditions because of the cross winds.,” san MVH. “For those of us who do the Putta Creek TT were at an advantage because the cross winds felt just the same”


    Crit – Straight from stage winner Molly Van Houweling “Metromint planned again to have an aggressive race and Amanda Siegel attacked early and then I countered. I wasn’t sure I’d get away that early. I saw Heather Nielson in the gap but I didn’t want her to join since I knew she’d out -print me. I was watching my average power and tried to stay close to my TT watts. Metromint achieved our goal of winning every stage”


    Men’s P/1/2

    Roman Kilun (Mike’s Bikes p/b Incase) won the Time Trial, and it looks like took the GC title,  while Craig Fellers (Red Peloton) took the crit.

    Apparently it's a cluster fuck at the results table and they're faking the podium cuz they dont have results up.  Gotta love stage racing...

    Apparently it’s crazy at the results table and they’re posting up in a Fugazi podium. Gotta love stage racing…lord love the camera man.


    === Report by Alex Chiu (Criterium Only) ===

    P/1/2:  For the first two-thirds of this race, there appeared to be at least one moment when each team had one member off the front. Be it Bicycles Plus/Sierra Nevada, Davis Bike Club Race Team, Metromint, Red Racing, Specialized/Muscle Milk, Chico Corsa – you name it. It wasn’t until the last third of the race that things began to solidify – a solid break consisting of a teammate from all of the aforementioned teams kept a solid lead, but as the final lap drew near, the break consisting of big names like Shawn Rosenthal from Mike’s Bikes and Keith Hillier from Marc Pro – Strava began to dwindle. Shawn kept the pace high as riders slowly fell off and back into the main peloton, driven by Marc Pro – Strava. It wasn’t until the single digits that Shawn unfortunately broke a spoke and had to pull off. In the final lap, the finish line first saw Craig Fellers Red Peloton, Metromint, Davis Bike Club Race Team, and finally Echelon Velo/VuMedi p/b Lombardi Sports.

    IMG_2339-XL IMG_2358-XLW P/1/2:  In this field, it was predominantly Metromint and Pinnacle  p/b Argon 18 as the primary competition. From the start Molly Van Houweling immediately had a solid gap off the front that kept increasing with each lap, with her eventually lapping the field with 5 to go. Back in the peloton, the two teams spent a considerable amount of time up front, with Metromint sending off a few flyers. Other teams present were Cycles Fanatic, Fremont Bank, Los Gatos, Mellow Motors, and SCC. In the end Christina Hughes of Hub Coffee Roasters p/b Tahoe Carson Radiology and Van Houweling’s teammate Lisa Mueller that would complete the podium.


    35+ 1/2/3: Folsom Bike/Raley’s had the numbers and something else: Jason Walker, national Master’s National Criterium Champion. From the start they had an early break along with Zipz Cycling team that stuck to the very end, with yesterday’s road race 1st place finisher Jason Boynton scoring a second win. Joining Jason were two riders from the aforementioned Zipz team. (Preliminary)


    45+ 1/2/3: Zipz Cycling Team had a stronger showing in this field than in the 35+ 1/2/3, and it definitely paid off. While there were flyers from teams such as Bicycles Plus/Sierra Nevada, Folsom Bike/Raley’s, Bahati Foundation, Hub Coffee Roasters p/b Tahoe Carson Radiology and Hammer/Charity of Choice throughout the race, the final laps saw primarily an all together field. The race ended with Zipz assembling towards the final laps and securing the top 2 spots on the podium, including David Albrecht. Third place went to Scott Derdenger of Divine Electric.  (Preliminary)


    And in totally unrelated news, a surprise visit from Rand Miller, who alongside Martina Patella heckled and announced for the men’s P/1/2 race.




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