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    by  • April 28, 2013 • race coverage

    Ed Note: We love guest contributors!  If you have a race you want to cover or a story that needs to be told get in touch with us via Facebook or norcal@love.com.  I live over 1000 miles away and I’m hearing good things about the Red Kite events.  

    By Mike Hardy

    The Tempus Fugit ITT went off with the best weather you could want for a time trial, and plenty of TT folks came out despite the competition with the big race of the day, the Wente RR. It was cool but sunny, with no wind for the early starts changing to just a enough tailwind out / headwind back for the late starts to alter times a little but nothing that’d blow you around.

    Cull Canyon itself is a gem – as a regional park it has the most family friendly in the area, with an open-water swimming hole complete with a beach and multiple picnic areas just a ways from the road. The road itself is a smooth, curvy 2-lane dead-end canyon road. Biking paradise except for the whole kicking yourself in the groin during a time trial thing.

    Red Kite Racing and OnTheDay.net ran it flawlessly from what I saw, and you have to love immediate results for a TT, on your phone. No need to quit warming up for your second run to check results, here they are, just a few minutes after the spots go away from your vision.

    Pinnacle pb Argon 18 rider Juliette Olson won with a 27:36 a minute over Anna Lindstrom who brought home second top overall women’s time (28:40 / 20.9mph) in a field of 30 women total. Kate Ligler was only 21s back from her, with the rest of the ladies off by more than a minute, but Danielle Hauptman (1st Women 3) and Loma Fortuna (1st Women 4) both putting in solid times, and taking out more than a few women’s P12 riders.

    AJ Kennedy crushed all with the fastest overall time (25:06 / 23.9mph) while winning the men’s P12 and assuming he uploads it should be sending Phil Mooney email by bicycle as he snagged the pixelated KOM trophy (now get out there and show them what you can do, Phil!). The ever-impressive time trialist Michael Holt took both second (+14s) and fourth (+27s) overall while winning both his categories (35+123 and E23) in two runs. Pat Briggs refuses to get slow while aging up to new categories, as he slotted in 3rd overall (+21s) while winning the 45+123 and making the rest of look bad, frankly.

    David Mesa, Michael Kopp and Oliver Ryan rounded out the group of folks that crushed it in under 26 minutes, leaving the rest of the field (myself included) with a good target for the next one.



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