• High School NorCal Championships @ Boggs Mountain

    by  • May 1, 2013 • mtb

    The solid performances at Boggs reset the overall team standings in both divisions to where they were prior to the Laguna Seca race. Drake and Redwood surged back up at the expense of Salinas and Tam High, who had to step back out of the top three. On the D2 side, Santa Cruz Comp regained the lead position, notching the Spartans back down to second as Branson bubbled back into the upper end of the results. The more things change…

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    Team Standings from Boggs Mountain Classic

    Division 1
    1. Sir Francis Drake High School
    2. Redwood High School
    3. Salinas High School

    Division 2
    1. Santa Cruz Composite 
    2. Spartans High School MTB Composite
    3. Branson High School



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