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    imagesI was intrigued when I saw a Kickstarter request from some names I knew from the Hellyer Velodrome community.  I’m always interested in NorCal/American made clothing so I quickly followed up with one of the principals in the venture, and Hellyer-ite, Anthony Borba.  During the interview I started to get the feeling this was less about your kit and more about design.  If you try them out let me know, I like the designs and am curious to see how the concept of a ‘Spring Line’ plays out.  Check out the campaign and buy local!

    What’s the concept behind New Kit Day?

    New Kit Day is going to do a $199 Kit.  One Jersey and one Bibshorts.  We bring fresh designs together with custom kit ordering to provide high quality kits for less than the other high-end bicycle clothing manufacturers.  The awesome part is that we use the same lycras, chamois and technical fabrics they use.  We make everything here in Northern California.

    What is different about New Kit Day from the other companies in the space?

    All of our kits will made in small runs and they will be numbered. It will be a lot like getting custom made suit. Our kits are printed in San Jose and sewn in Oakland.  New Kit Day will publish a new design about once a month and there will be a short early ordering period with freebies like t-shirts, stickers or arm warmers for the first 100 orders.  Once we have 100+ orders, we go into production and a few weeks later it’s New Kit Day!  We will then put the designs into a “vault” page on our site where they can be reordered individually at a slightly higher price.

    Why should people use you over other manufacturers who have been at it a while like Voler?

    We’re not really trying to compete with them.  We want to bring our own fresh designs to market.  We will work with teams and do custom orders too, but really we just want everyone to have a good looking kit.  We picked a really nice high-end chamois.  It has seamless construction, frictionless top layer and it is made from antibacterial materials. It is really a super comfortable all-day chamois.  Good density without bulkiness.

    What kind of clothes are missing from the peloton right now that you’d like to see people wearing?

    I think the problem is that riders can’t find good looking stuff for reasonable prices.  To get a nice kit you have spend half of what you just spent on a bike.  After years of developing my own team’s kit and working with a bunch of different vendors, I realized it doesn’t have to be this way.  There are only a handful of Chamois manufacturers in the world and about dozen good Lycra/Spandex manufacturers.  There are fabric printers here in San Jose and sewing facilities all over the Bay Area.  We can get the same materials they use, get a website and put out some really kick-ass designs.

    Can you rate some kits you like/kits you hate?

    The only thing I hate is crappy chamois and ugly design.  I love the simplistic designs of some of the higher-end brands and we may do some similar designs, but really I think kits should be eye-catching and interesting.  Black on black on gray gets a little old after a while.  What’s fun about New Kit Day is that our designs can go anywhere.  We can go classic or modern or totally out-of-box.  The riders will tell us what they like.  If everyone’s into it, they’ll order it and we’ll be stoked.

    I totally wanted you to make fun of somebody’s kit there.  Now I’m going to have to do that…. sheesh.




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