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    Tour of NorCal

    Amgen Tour of NorCal

    The Amgen Tour of California was sneaky this year.  Due to the reverse route and SoCal start it lacked the usual buzz I have grown used to.  Usually there is a lot of chatter about where everybody is going to meet up, what they are going to wear, who is bringing beer and so on.  As the chatter started, and I watched my recorded episode of Jensies win, I found I was having trouble focusing on the TT build up due to all the weirdness on the on the cycling news ticker.  My favorites are below…

    • The Tour de Languedoc Roussillon is apparently on the brink of being cancelled due to unpaid bills.  What a horrible situation for the teams.  Womencycling.net has the latest updates if you are morbidly curious.  I imagine it’s like the time I showed up to Hellyer for a Saturday session and the supervisor was too hung over to call and cancel.  Well, maybe it’s a million times worse to fly to France, on a shoe string budget, and find out your race is cancelled.  Either way my thoughts are with the riders.
    • The Swiss Nominated McQuaid again for the presidency – W.T.F! Are we that much out of touch to think that the UCI could use some new management? Just think if this was run by the good people of OBRA we’d all have free sausages, beer, and costumed second line style parties ever weekend.
    • The WSJ, which usually writes good, if not great, cycling stuff – see their, specifically Reed Albergotti’s, previous Lance doping coverage, put out one of the worst all time pieces on Thursday.  The topic is Lance Armstrongs impact on the public peloton’s fashion choices (Cycling’s Spandex Coup d’Etat.)  It would have made a good April Fools article, subtle, believable, and good SEO possibilities.  WTF Happend @WSJ?

    There it is.  All of that distracted me from writing anything meaningful about how impressed i am with our domestic teams, how Bontrager does belong in the race contrary to my ramblings last year, and how the weather and routes seemed to make a race worth remembering.  All you get is my  Love It/Leave It List for the #atoc.

    Love It

    1. Domestic Teams – What a change from last year.  The domestic teams are riding like pro’s compared to 2012.  What’s going on?
      • I imagine the US pro job market contraction and consolidation has helped put together stronger teams.  
      • I would think that the riders are hungrier too.  I hope Nate English and Max Jenkins just say screw it and ride for themselves.  Those boys deserve a shot at the big show.
      • I’m not missing the train this year… those Bontrager kids are baller. 
      • Apparently the Euro’s are not used to heat, airconditioning, and paper money that is all the same color.  Somehow this has made them all sick.  That and they keep eating at In and Out.
    2. BJM vs Chavanel in the Stage 2 break – I’ve never screamed at my TV so much.  At least BJM’s team won.  Go Acevedo!
    3. Tour Tracker on my phone – I’m in my car, weaving through traffic, listening to the play by play.  Then i stop, and can switch to video.  That rocks.
    4. NorCal Riders are representing – BJM, English, Jenkins, Euser (he was Webcor yo!)
    5. Tanner Putt – Now my favorite American rider based solely on his name and spot in the top 20

    Leave It

    1. T-Bagging on Paul and Phil – I find their voices soothing, like butter on warm toast.  That might sound weird but they have a nice golf commentator calm about them.  When the Twitterati point out all their gaffes I start paying attention and nothing good can come of that.  I appreciate their constant droning for hours at a time.  Check the NCCN Podcast for more meaningful discussions.
    2. Amgen Women’s TT – Sure it’s a sideshow, but I’m more worried that the whole race will be gone in the next year or two.  A real women’s race would make AEG visionaries, but I imagine Anschutz are more concerned about survival given that Amgen’s sponsorship agreement is winding down.
    3. Mancebo – I hope Nate English and Max Jenkins just say screw it and ride for themselves.  BOOM!  Get all Badger on his ass. 
    4. Palm Springs on TV – I love Palm Springs.  I really do.  That said, it really does not look attractive while watching riders hammer down a four lane road.  “I know that strip mall!” ~ Said me to my dog as we watched the run to the finishing climb.
    5. Need More NorCal – That was a lonnngggggg…. time to spend down south.

    There it is… add in all the stuff i forgot in the Facebook comments.



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