• Mariposa Women’s Stage Race Day 2

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    Mariposa Women’s Stage Race
    Day 2 – Stages 2 and 3

    18 May 2013

    Katie Hall (Metromint Cycling) was first up the Groveland Hillclimb for stage 2 of the Mariposa Women’s Stage Race. This launched Hall into the GC lead for P/1/2/ Women.

    In the afternoon’s stage, Jane Despas (Leopard-Sapporo Team) got away in a two-rider break with Anna Lindstron (Leopard-Sapporo) for the Greeley Hill Road Race. Julie Bellrose (Metromint Cycling) bridged to the pair before Lindstrom dropped off. Despas then gapped a fading Bellrose for a marvelous stage win for the Leopard-Sapporo Team rider.

    Hall Goes on to Win the Groveland Hillclimb

    Hall Goes on to Win the Groveland Hillclimb

    “Just Trying to Hang”
    The Groveland Hillclimb is 650 meters of total climbing over 11km. There are two Category 2 climbs with the first at 8% for 300 meters in the first 4km.

    Cristina Hughes (Hub Coffee Roasters p/b Tahoe Carson Radiology), Felicia Gomez (Pinnacle p/b Argon 18), and Hall were at the front early in the race. Toward the end of the first Cat 2 climb, the three riders had a 45-second gap.

    Erica Greif (Reno Wheelmen), Jane Despas (Leopard-Sapporo Team), and Molly Van Houweling (Metromint Cycling) were in the next group.

    “I was just trying to hang,” remarked Hall. “I’ve never raced with [Gomez] before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Tina [Hughes] and I just sat on for a while.

    “Under 1K to go, I attacked and Gomez didn’t go with me. The race went very well. It started off very hard and then eased off in the middle.”

    Hall rode the Hillclimb in 35′ even and 24 seconds ahead of Gomez. Hughes finished third a further 12 seconds in arrears.

    The win for Hall launched her into the general classification lead after two stages with a time gap of 12 seconds over Gomez.

    Van Houweling dropped to third place tie overall with Hughes and a deficit of 92 seconds. Lisa Mueller (Metromint Cycling) held fifth place in the GC, 1’40” behind the leader. Eight seconds covered third, fourth, and fifth.

    “I’m very excited to work with my team mates,” continued Hall, “and end this with a Metromint win. We’ll see how it goes but we haven’t had a [team] meeting yet.”

    Alliances On and Off the Road
    Early in the Greeley Hill Road Race, Jane Despas and Anna Lindstrom were away and quickly joined by Metromint’s Julie Bellrose. With Metromint holding the general classification lead, in Katie Hall, the race looked like it would fall the way of the blue Dots.

    “The plan [for Anna and I] was to chase down any Metromint attack that was a threat to Felicia Gomez,” remarked Despas. “We have alliances on and off the road. The plan was to help Felicia.

    “There were a series of attacks and we did our job. It came to the second or third lap where there was an opportunity for a time bonus and I thought I would take it. I looked around and realised I had a gap and thought I may as well make the most of it and see what I could do with it.”

    Lindstrom dropped back late leaving Despas and Bellrose in command to decide the race.

    Despas and Bellrose Off the Front

    Despas and Bellrose Off the Front

    “Anna [Lindstrom] did a lot of work in the front,” said a praising Despas, “then she dropped off and it was Julie [Bellrose] and I. Knowing her team was back there managing the deficit, we decided to ride within ourselves and share the work.

    “I have a lot of respect for the Metromint team. I knew Julie was down on GC and offered her the win. She had done her fair share of the work but admitted she was ‘toast.’ I didn’t sprint up the hill but just extended the gap. She was hurting. So was I.”

    Despas remained in third for the overall standings but, after a promising start at Firday’s time trial, was now 96 seconds behind. She acknowledged she would go for the GC in tomorrow’s final stage, stating “All’s fair in love and war. I’m racing for myself tomorrow!”

    Stage 3 Greely Hill Circuit Race
    PRO/1/2 Women
    1 112 Jane Despas Leopard-Sapporo Team 0:00:00 0:01:30
    2 113 Julie Bellerose Metromint Cycling 2:34:46 0:00:43
    3 108 Katharine Hall Metromint Cycling 2:34:48 0:00:13
    4 110 Felicia Gomez Pinnacle -CA 2:34:48 0:00:05
    5 107 Cristina Hughes Hub Coffee Roasters 2:34:51 0:00:06
    6 103 Lisa Mueller Metromint Cycling 2:34:57 0:00:00
    7 109 Erica Greif Reno Wheelmen 2:35:01 0:00:00
    8 100 Molly Van Houweling Metromint Cycling 2:35:09 0:00:00
    9 105 Anna Lindstrom Leopard-Sapporo 2:35:11 0:00:16
    10 104 Lina Martensson Metromint Cycling 2:35:11 0:00:00
    11 102 Heather Nielson Fremont Bank Cycling Team 2:35:11 0:00:10
    12 101 Rikke Preisler Metromint Cycling 2:35:14 0:00:00

    Category 3
    1 121 Kaitlin Benner Wolf Pack Cycling 2:17:36 0:01:08
    2 120 Megan Alderete ThirstyBear Cycling 2:17:40 0:01:05
    3 122 Sabrina David Metromint Cycling 2:17:42 0:00:18
    4 124 Elise Hazlewood Red Racing 2:17:43 0:00:00
    5 127 Misha Scovill Stevens Bicycle Racing 2:17:45 0:00:17
    6 129 Melanie Wong Leopard-Sapporo Team 2:17:49 0:00:00
    7 126 Kelli Samuelson Ritte Van Vlaanderen 2:17:56 0:00:00
    8 123 Monica Harris Ciclistas del Valle 2:18:45 0:00:00
    9 125 Heather McDonald Metromint Cycling 2:24:18 0:00:00
    10 128 Peta Takai Ritte Van Vlaanderen 2:46:56 0:00:00

    Category 4
    1 141 Amy Bruski 0 2:01:00 0:00:33
    2 140 Tiina Aardemae Velo Girls 2:01:03 0:00:46
    3 147 Amanda Schaper Ritte Van Vlaanderen 2:01:05 0:00:48
    4 148 Trudi Schindler Velo Club LaGrange 2:01:07 0:00:00
    5 149 cheryl sweeney Velo Club LaGrange 2:01:09 0:00:23
    6 142 Tanna DeRuyter University of Nevada-Reno 2:01:10 0:00:00
    7 153 Fran Williams B4T9/Foundation 2:03:20 0:00:00
    8 144 Kelly McLaughlin B4T9/Foundation 2:04:00 0:00:00
    9 146 Lori OLin B4T9/Foundation 2:10:08 0:00:00
    10 145 Michelle Nightengale Ciclistas del Valle 2:11:00 0:00:00

    Women 35+
    1 160 Andrea Atkins Velo Bella 2:40:39 0:01:30
    2 168 Erika Donald Peninsula Velo Cycling Club 2:40:43 0:00:46
    3 161 Elizabeth Benishin Velo Bella 2:40:43 0:00:27
    4 162 Linda Locke Velo Bella 2:41:10 0:00:05

    Women 45+
    1 172 Monica Nevitt Pacific Crush Racing 2:05:21 0:01:20
    2 170 Carla Cosentino Pacific Crush Racing 2:05:25 0:00:45
    3 175 Yvonne Walbroehl B4T9/Foundation 2:05:45 0:00:25
    4 174 Monica Nevitt Peninsula Velo Cycling Club 2:06:28 0:00:00
    5 171 Laurie Furman Metromint Cycling 2:10:35 0:00:00

    Women 55+
    1 184 Jill Gass B4T9/Foundation 2:02:44 0:00:50
    2 181 Camille Deluca-Flaherty Velo Bella 2:02:50 0:01:10
    3 182 Narda Roushdi Team Fast FREDDIE 2:04:04 0:00:19
    4 183 Cynthia Snyder Rio Strada Racing 2:06:39 0:00:08
    5 180 Anne Chen 2:16:04 0:00:03

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