• Singing In Sattley – NorCal & Nevada District TT Championships

    by  • June 10, 2013 • race coverage

    Riders tackled the NorCal District TT Championships this weekend in Sattley California, a course which has traditionally challenged riders due to its altitude and rough pavement.  With new pavement in place riders were poised to tear up the roads with record times.

    Men's 1/2 Podium Photo Credit Nate Freed

    Men’s 1/2 Podium
    Photo Credit Nate Freed

    Justin Rossi (Marc Pro Strava), who was recently promoted to Fire Captain, won the men’s event after a string of good races including Redlands, Sea Otter, and Calaveras. “I finally got my new TT bike (Felt DA) after Redlands and it’s awesome!  Since then, my time trials have been fast,” said Rosing about his current form. “The biggest change this year was my diet…I eat organic, grass fed meats, farm fresh eggs from Mother-in-law and load up on superfoods (cacao, gogi berries, maca root).”

    Rossi continues to juggle his full time job with cycling but is starting to think about Nationals in Madison, which wasn’t  previously on his schedule.  Rossi’s dual lifestyle is enabled by a supportive spouse. “I luckily have a super supportive, hot mama of a wife that lets me race as much as I want,” wrote Rossi after his race. “Make sure you add the wife comment, she will love that and it scores me brownie points!” [Ed. Note: Just helping you get to Madison big guy!]

    1. Justin Rossi (new course record in 48:24)
    2. Shawn Rosenthal
    3. Ariel Herrmann

    Photo Credit Alison Tetrick Instragram

    Women’s winner Alison Tetrick has shown good legs recently but has run into some bad luck her last several outings including a penalty at US Pro Nationals in Chattanooga. “Nationals was one of my more disappointing days in my career,” wrote Tetrick to NCCN. “It was a mixture of bad luck and a cumulation of unfortunate circumstances.”

    No stranger to adversity Tetrick has taken the last few weeks as an opportunity to get in some quality training and get mentally prepared for the remainder of the season.  “This is only the 2nd time in my career I have done a 40k TT,” wrote Tetrick after her victory.  “I did Sattley back in 2009, and got 3rd!  This will be my first District TT championship, and I am the current criterium champion this year!  I love being able to represent NorCal, and race locally when I can because it is great training and incredibly motivating.  I may be biased, but I think it is the most competitive area for cycling with the most variety of races and options.”

    1. Alison Tetrick
    2. Molly Van Houweling
    3. Sara Clafferty

    NorCal legen Keven Metcalfe (Team Specialized Racing Masters) proved he is the monster he is often accused of being by setting a few national records in his age group race.  “45+ record was 49:57, my old 50+ was 50:17,” commented Metcalfe on Twitter to NCCN. “Not sure if I get both. 49:29 today.”



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