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    [Ed. Note: I am tied to @WTFKits by blood.  We’ve agreed that he will write a review of NorCal kits for me if I helped promote some of his cool posts.  Here is his Rapha Trade Team review complete with his own photography. I can’t wait for the NorCal Kit review.]

    The Rapha Trade Team Jersey: Weighing In After The Miles

    Given the opportunity to review the new Rapha Trade Team Jersey I jumped at the chance. Knowing the meticulous nature of product design and effort Rapha applies to their stock, the trade team jersey had piqued my interest.


    The Rapha Trade Team Jerseys

    Let me be blunt, I’m a big guy.  On a good day I clock in at 208 lb. six foot even, and 45-46 inches across the chest. Somebody big and mean once told me, “You are built for running in a straight line and hitting things.”  You get the picture; I am a stately-sized-linebacker-like-gentlemen who enjoys the rouleur life.

    While Rapha has shifted into the racing spectrum with the pro team kits the trade team jersey seems to be a descendent of their “club fit” line, specifically the popular Rapha Country JerseyThe Trade Team jersey differentiates itself by deriving it’s naming convention in celebration of the podium holders (Poulidor, Anquetil and Planckaert) and their respective trade teams of the 1962 Tour de France. The Trade Team Jersey itself is a luxe Merino blend and the nod to the past gives it a classic aesthetic at first glance.  Click Here for Full Post 

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