• The Bite Hard Boonville Road Race and Gran Fondo: June 29

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    Ed. Note: By helping spread the word i think I’m securing myself a lifetime supply of hard cider. Bold and Italics are mine. 

    Mendecino, CA 

    The Bite Hard Boonville Road Race and Gran Fondo is a 67 mile single loop course featuring remote redwood rich coastal mountains, scenic section of Highway 1 and northern California inland valley vineyards. Sponsored by Bite Hard Cider, Boonville’s premier cider house, we offer racers and Gran Fondo riders unlimited free hard cider at the finish, t-shirts and as much banter on the finish hill as you can handle.

    Our first place trophies are Jerobaums of America’s finest Brut from Roederer Estate, a local vinter. The bottles are signed by the wine maker so you can keep them as your trophy once you get through all 3 liters of it, which you should do immediately following your first place finish.

    T-shirts? Everyone gets one. Because even though everyone isn’t a winner, anyone who finishes this race in one piece is a darn good athlete and deserves some cool threads to show off what they accomplished.

    So how hard is the course? Well, according to various GPS estimates there is somewhere between 7,500 and 9,500 feet of vertical relief between two main accents of Mountain View and Philo-Greenwood Ridge roads which traverse between the Anderson Valley and the Pacific Coast. So you’ll be climbing somewhere between a lot and a lot a lot.

    But don’t worry, Osmo Nutrition will be at mile marker 47 with free bottle hand ups to everyone. Even though 47 miles isn’t a lot you’ll be pretty relieved to have the best race hydration product out there as you’ll have climbed a tad over 7k feet at this point. So drink up because you’ve got “rollers of death” and the finish accent to get over before you can call it good.

    The race and Gran Fondo are fund raisers for many local bicycle advocacy organizations. Cycked is the valley trail group who are building out a 30 mile bike path from Boonville to Highway 1 via Highway 128. The Mendocino Coast Cyclists are responsible for many infrastructure related projects including Mendocino’s first pump track and managing the single track in the United States largest demonstration forest in Jackson State Demo outside of Ft. Bragg. Along with cycling groups the race donates to those who volunteer at the event such as Sonoma and Mendocino County amateur radio operators, the Anderson Valley Teen Center, JahMed Medical group, the Volunteer Fire Fighters and many more.

    All information related to the race and Gran Fondo can be found at:


    Don’t forget to check out our sponsors page! We’re giving away a lot of stuff from BarFly, Philo Ridge Vineyards, Burnham Coaching and Bike Sprite for both the race and Gran Fondo.



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