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    efddb92664ee05b4d9e86f3a06e209f3In the 1920’s Major Marshall Taylor became the first African-American sports star to win seven world cycling titles.  He accomplished this feat during the height of racism in the United States.  Major Taylor was an international superstar that drew record crowds to see his unbelievable prowess. As if his challenges were not hard enough he was barred from competition against white competitors in the United States.

    We are Major Motion Cycling Team and we are a group of cyclists based in Oakland.  365 days a year we are on our bikes.  365 days, as a cycling team we ride and train regularly in the Bay Area and race throughout California and Nevada.

    Once a year, in September, Major Motion Cycling Team puts on the Oakland Grand Prix in downtown Oakland.  This year the Oakland Grand Prix will be the final event of the Premier Bikereg.com Series and will draw hundreds of spectators to our town to compete.

    Major Motion Cycling Team is a local cycling team open to anyone interested in training, racing, or improving their lifestyle through the healthy and consistent choices we make as a team. Major Motion is reaching out to anyone that is interested in joining a cycling team but are a little intimidated by lycra, helmets, speed, and group rides.  Major Motion also offers  a junior program directed by Benjamin Weekes, one of our seasoned teammates.

    We are a motivated and dedicated Oakland based cycling team that attempts to further the vision of Major Marshall Taylor the fastest man alive and the first African-American athlete to ascend the world sporting stage.  Taylor was a role model in the 1920’s and continues to inspire us at Major Motion Cycling Team. We hope that everyone interested can see this vision and embrace the goal of clean living, challenging ourselves, and clean riding.

    Contact: Mark Sneed 



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