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    Ed. Note: Some big bike race gets going today.  I used to bet on it until I lost some money on “The Chicken.”  I had him to win and he got his old self DQ’d.  That sucked. I went an looked for odd’s on the Giro Rosa but couldn’t find any.  That totally bummed me out. Enjoy the following post from a guest blogger…

    100th Tour de France: Musings and Thoughts

    The Tour de France, one of the most eagerly awaited cycling competitions in the cycling calendar, is ready to start off its 100th edition today. It has been 110 years since the first Tour de France race took place. With each passing year, the sport has managed to attract an increasing number of  viewer from all around the globe.  Hopefully the Route de France will attract a following this year and gain some traction for NCCN fans of the women’s peloton.

    It is not only the horse racing aspect that attract the attention of the enthusiasts. Though legalized horse race betting might give it an upper hand, the Tour de France still manages to capture the public’s interest. Just as websites like http://www.Kentuckyderbybetting.com/ help contribute in the popularity of the Kentucky Derby, there are many similar websites and institutions that keep Tour de France on the radar of sports enthusiasts. You can bet America will be all eyes once this prestigious cycling competition begins.  The best would be if bookies would start handicapping local races.  Getting the odds on something like Mt. Hamilton would make it all worth while.


    En Train de Mentir

    The tour is nothing without a little Lance Armstrong controversy and Le Monde came out with a great interview in which Juan Pelota claimed there was no way to win without drugs.  Or he claimed that here was no way to win between 99-05 without drugs.  Lance tweeted that he did not say it was impossible to win any tour without drugs which calmed the rabid twitter following he’s been trying to convert lately.  The  sidebar quotes in the piece are amazing.  “Lying” in french sounds so cool,”En Train de Mentir.”  FWIW – Sarkozy has always been cool.  He just is.

    What Would Wiggins Do

    Sure, sure, Bradley Wiggins is probably on his way out of Sky but what is he going to do every day this July.  Will he watch the race, or just ignore it like the bad dream this year has turned into?  So he’s training, that’s four or five hours and then he must field calls from agents and teams that are making their mid-summer moves.  He stares in the mirror for a while, contemplates if he should have joined Oasis when he had the chance, and picks up his kids from camp or daycare.  Maybe he goes and makes a bet on Cavendish to win some of the sprint stages. You know he’ll put a small, but significant, 25£, bet on Contador to win.  He’s got to just to stick it to Froome somehow.  He could just be at home watching the Tour with Fabian.

    Could Froome Win?

    Anyone who knows how to wager on sports will surely keep an eye on Chris. So far, Froome has earned a stage win in the Tour of Oman and the Criterium International this year. He also finished in the second spot overall in this year’s Tirreno Adriatico, again displaying “panache” in the mountain stages of the well-known tour. He should have a few days in yellow at the very least.

    The Beloved Alberto Contador

    At least he’s called that somewhere. Despite finishing behind Chris Froome in the Tour of Oman and the Tirreno Adriatico, Contador is again, one of favorites. The Euro bookies have him 11/4 versus Froome at 4/5.  It’s hard to discern what’s driving the odds other than a few strong finishes and past suspect victories.  He must be receiving points for “age and experience.”



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