• #TDF Ditty: If I Were a Gamblin Man

    by  • July 8, 2013 • euroNews

    60621_0912031544001771694_STDThe first week of LeTour is behind us, and most fans were left not knowing what to do with their Monday off. The pro peloton had a nice long breakfast, a leisurely 2-3 hour recovery ride, maybe popped into a team meeting, and then retired to lounge by some cool European pool. If you were one of these lost souls you probably dealt with that empty feeling by doing something like working, or spending time with your family. These rest days are hard. We understand.

    Was you twitter feed barren? Did you try hopelessly to start a conversation on Sky’s faltering dominance, Dan Martin’s teeth, or Pat McQuaid’s latest droolings. Like any self-respecting uber-fan what you should really have been doing is checking the latest odds and getting in on the action. Are we evil for promoting gambling? Sure. If you aren’t going to donate your money to #nccn, throw it away on something cool – Vegas Style.

    The place to go for a comprehensive look at TDF info is oddschecker.com. They have a full section dedicated to all the race competitions including GC, Points, Stages, and some “specials”, which seem complicated, and are reminiscent of the authors past attempts to play Pai Gow Poker at The Flamingo. That is to say, there is a lot of reading, rules, fine print. They also provide odds on stages, but getting this functionality to work has been inconsistent.

    The odd’s makers have Froome far ahead of his rivals at 1/6 odds but Quintana, Valverde, and Contador are all in there, and make great long shot bets. After Sunday, Froome’s dominance doesn’t seem as assured as it did at the finish of Ax 3 Domaines. There is money to be made still, especially on that Quintana kid. Who doesn’t love him so far?

    The Polka Dot jersey competition still looks pretty even, but the numbers on the Green and White Jerseys are pretty set, meaning a great payoff if you think a dark horse has a shot. Talansky has some odd’s on him for the White Jersey (33/1), so if you are feeling patriotic, are hankering for a long shot, and want to support a former NorCal rider he’s your man.

    If you are going to join me in my debauchery check out this page on SportsBettingOnline.net which explains the ins and outs of cycling betting better than I can on a late Monday night.

    Of course, your best bet would just be do donate your money, or your winnings, to #nccn.  Just saying.




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