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    Noiles Hanging Tough – The Kevin Noiles Watch, Part 2
    27 September 2013

    NorCal Cycling News is continuing to follow cyclocross racer and Canadian Kevin Noiles as he attempts to reach Hoogerheide. One of Northern California’s favourite frame-builders, Paul Sadoff, could see Noiles race his Rock Lobster bike at the 2014 UCI Cyclo Cross World Championships.

    At the first and latest visit with Noiles, he had raced his new bike for his first time, taking a second place at Alder Acres in Vancouver, British Columbia.

    Since then, Noiles has raced stateside starting with a second place finish in Redmond, Washington, at Kick-Off Cross, part of the MFG Cyclocross Series.

    “It was another hot sunny day that tends to be the norm this time of year,” wrote Noiles by e-mail. “The turn out for this event was huge with over 1,200 racers showing up. The race ended up being very similar to [the previous] week’s race with the course being fast, tactical, and lots of areas to draft.

    “One rider managed to get a gap early as a chase group of five formed behind; no one wanted to be the guy that did the most work and so our group stayed together ’till the last lap. I managed to sneak away to claim second place.

    “I did not feel as good as I did [at Alder Acres]. Hopefully I got rid of the cobwebs as next [up] was a biggie. Star Crossed is a UCI C2 race just north of Seattle that had a pretty stacked field.”

    Noiles also raced at Cross Vegas but had a couple of tough outings at both venues.

    “Neither race was great but they were not horrible either,” continued Noiles. “At Starcrossed I had a great start and rode in the top eight for the first two laps.

    “The pace was not fast enough and the lead pack was 20 or so strong for the first half hour of the race. When the race finally blew apart I was too far back in the pack and ended up in 17th place.

    “Cross Vegas was a very stacked field and I had a fifth row start. Lots of traffic and lots of bumping and pushing during the first lap.

    “Early on in the race me and another rider came together in a corner with his rear der going into my front spokes. After his der came off of his bike, I was was pretty much at a stand still with a warped wheel. I loosened off my front brake to keep going, finishing in the low 40’s.”

    Despite finishing down the field at Cross Vegas, it is a worthwhile note that Noiles on his crippled bike was the fourth placed Canadian. The top-five at the Canadian Nationals go to Worlds and this early-season result bodes well for seeing Rock Lobster racing at Hoogerheide.

    NorCal Cycling News will catch up again with Kevin Noiles in a couple of weeks. At that time, with hope, we’ll also hear from Paul Sadoff as he reflects on his new team rider and the prospect of his bike appearing at Worlds.

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