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    APTOS, CA—Northern California’s oldest cyclocross series kicked off their 37th year of racing as riders headed to Aptos High School for Surf City #1 on Sunday. The brothers Jacques-Maynes continued their dominance of the Nor Cal cross, while Carolina Gomez-Villafane collected her second win of the weekend in the Eucalyptus groves of Santa Cruz County.

    Photo: Kirk Keeler

    Photo: Kirk Keeler

    Building a Masterpiece

    After 12 years as a professional cyclist, Surf City course designer Ben Jacques-Maynes (Jamis CX) might as well be the Van Gough of track builders—Surf City #1 was brilliantly crafted and included plenty of self-inflicted suffering. Jacques-Maynes explained, “I’ve raced enough cyclocross to know what I like and what annoys me in a course. For this race, I tried to include more of the former and less of the latter.” He continued, “I wanted to mix up the hard efforts with some recovery sections.” The resulting track mixed punchy climbs and natural running sections with pucker-up sand chutes and flat pavement stretches.

    Phillip Mooney (Jamis CX) offered up a high five as he proclaimed the course, “Amazingly fun!”

    Expect the Expected…The Jacques-Maynes Show

    After besting the field at Aptos High, Andy Jacques Maynes held up his first place prize envelope and said, “Nice, I got the diaper money right here.” The expecting father won his last race as a “not dad” by sticking to his pregame plan then holding off a challenge from brother Ben Jacques-Maynes mid race.

    “From the start, I knew I wanted to get to the dirt first,” explained Jacques-Maynes. “By the time we got to the first road section, I was sitting around tenth and knew it was time to go.” He then powered past the field on the rolling tarmac section then attacking up the dirt climb—a move that put 12 seconds into the rest of the field.

    By lap four, Ben Jacques-Maynes charged back to within four seconds of his brother. Andy Jacques-Maynes revealed, “At that point, I wanted to test him mentally and really see what he had.” Instead of dishing out some telekinetic, twin shit-talking, Andy Jacques-Maynes resorted to a powerful effort from his legs that kept his brother from closing the gap. He explained, “I tried to demoralize him by not letting him catch me with the attack.” The move worked and Andy Jacques-Maynes powered through the final five laps to take the win and collect the diaper money.

    As he crossed the line, the victor triumphantly held up his arms. Jacques Maynes explained, “The hands in the air looked like a “V” for victory, but really it was a “Y” for Yvonne—that’s the name Josie [Jacques-Maynes] and I decided on…now I just hope it’s still a girl.”

    As the Jacques-Maynes duo entertained at the front of the race, 18 year-old Sam Cerutti (Jamis CX) notched his first elite podium of the season with a third place ride. Phillip Mooney (Jamis CX) came from a back row start to nab fourth while Andrew Juiliano (Bicycle Blue Book-ROCK LOBSTER) landed in fifth on the day.

    Gomez-Villafane, Pinned

    “Daaaannnggggg, she was pinned on the descent—she ripped that sandy exit corner harder than 90 percent of the men’s field!”

    —Super B Matt “Donde” Garcia on Caro Gomez-Villafane’s winning ride.

    Photo: Kirk Keeler

    Photo: Kirk Keeler

    Carolina Gomez-Villafane (Rambuski Law/Family Cycling Center) collected her second win of the weekend at Surf City #1 after taking out the Lion of Fairfax of Los Altos on Saturday.

    Gomez-Villafane found herself in traffic early in the race as teammates Trina Baumsteiger (Rambuski Law) and Karen Brems (Rambuski Law) took the whole shot.

    With the two Rambuskis pushing the pace out front, Gomez-Villafane admitted, “I was freaking out a little bit…but then I figured I should calm down and just start passing people.” She put in a hard effort up the climb on the first lap then bombed the sand chute to catch Brems at the bottom. “I let Karen [Brems] lead around the beginning of the second lap then passed her before the descent. I went hard then because I knew I could put a gap on her there.”

    Incessant attacks on the sandy descent helped Gomez-Villafane build a substantial lead.

    The bold riding coupled with powerful climbing stretched the gap over Brems to 1:42 by the end of the race.

    Janie Dalton (Missing Link), Hildebrand Elicia (Trek Cyclocross Collective) and Courtney Dimpel finished third, fourth and fifth, respectively.

    Preliminary Results

    Elite Women Top 5

    1. Carolina Gomez-Villafane (Rambuski Law/Family Cycling Center)
    2. Karen Brems (Rambuski Law)
    3. Janie Dalton (Missing Link)
    4. Hildebrand Elicia (Trek Cyclocross Collective)
    5. Courtney Dimpel (Team Caletti)

    Elite Men Top 5

    1. Andy Jacques-Maynes (Buy-Cell.com-IBIS)
    2. Ben Jacques-Maynes (Jamis CX)
    3. Sam Cerruti (Jamis CX)
    4. Phillip Mooney (Jamis CX)
    5. Andrew Juiliano (Bicycle Blue Book-ROCK LOBSTER)



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