• Noiles Toils

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    Noiles Toils
    The Kevin Noiles Watch • 17 October 2013

    NorCal Cycling News continues to hope and follow Kevin Noiles as he vies to take himself and his Rock Lobster bike to Cyclocross Worlds.

    After a tough couple of races at Star Crossed and Cross Vegas, Kevin Noiles grabbed his first win of the season by taking New Brighton SuperPrestige CX by storm. And stormy it was as Vancouver was hit by a storm that dropped over 100mm of rain. That’s nearly 4 inches to imperial-units folk.

    “The usually fast courses turned into leg zapping slogs for the first time I can remember,” wrote Noiles by e-mail. “I rode most of the race on my own but never with a big lead over second place. With one lap to go I got caught. We went into the finish together with me finishing a few bike lengths ahead.”

    Congratulations to Kevin. However, misfortune struck again at the following day’s West Coast Cycling’s Vannier Park race.

    “I started well riding the first 3 laps with one other rider in the lead,” continued Noiles, “but a front flat tire put an end to that. I had no pit bike as it is currently taking a road trip around America with the Rapha Focus team, before we meet up again in Colorado.

    “So I rode into the pit and borrowed a front wheel from neutral service. When I came out of the pit I was in 3rd place and that is where I finished.”

    The Noiles Rock Lobster in need of a New Tyre and a Wash

    The Noiles Rock Lobster in need of a New Tyre and a Wash

    The struggles continued for Noiles as he took to the Boulder weekend recovering from a cold. Yet, he still finished in the top half of the field for both the Colorado Cross Classic and the Boulder Cup.

    “Boulder was not as bad as I thought it might be. I am still sick, but getting a bit better every day,” reported Noiles this week.

    “I had a great start Saturday, but I did not have the punch I needed that day and, with a trip to the pits due to a goats head thorn in my front tire, I ended up in 24th spot.

    “I almost always have better legs on the 2nd day of racing and on Sunday my cold was a bit better then the day before. So I was expecting big things of myself.

    “But it was one of the worst first half laps I have ever had. I missed my pedal off the start, then I over shot the first corner and slid out. Then I dropped my chain just before a steep but rideable climb.

    “At this point I was back in 50th spot or so. The rest of the race I felt good and only went forward, ending the day with a 30th place ride. I did not have great results from Boulder but I feel like I am riding better then my results show and I am feeling healthier and fitter as the days go on.”

    NorCal Cycling News will continue the Kevin Noiles Watch as he races towards the Canadian Nationals at the end of November. We’ll also hear from Paul Sadoff next week as he reflects on the possibility of Kevin Noiles and a Rock Lobster Bike racing at Hoogerheide.



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