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    None of our intrepid reporters were able to make it to the races this weekend.  Tim was sick, Drew was working, obviously we just need more contributors, so if you want to give it a shot drop us a line.  Otherwise you are stuck with this garbage.

    Stybar SF Sighting

    Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 10.53.05 PMZdenek Stybar was in SF last week, and I think all us cross fans hope he might dip his toe into the NorCal CX world, and pop over to the Santa Rosa Cup or BASP.  No such luck though. It looks like he was just playing tourist after Beijing, and my guess is, dropping into see the folks at Specialized. We used to get the occasional superstar showing up like Thomas Frischknecht, and Daniele Pontoni, so it wasn’t too far fetched of an idea. Obviously he spent most of his time taking pictures of our emergency vehicles. Doesn’t he live in Russia or something? You’d think he’d be used to this.

    Santa Rosa Cup 

    Brian Finnerty (Cal-Giant) won the Elite Men’s A race on Saturday. Finnerty is fresh off two top 10 finishes at the Masters 35+ field at the Colorado UCI races, which are basically a ‘whose who’ of 40 year old ex-pros that live in Colorado. Finnerty looks primed for nationals, but it will be nigh impossible to dislodge the Webber/Dwight Boulder Cycle Sport machine in the 40+ age group, but once nationals turns to Austin, Finnerty should have a good shot. That said, if he can unseat them, it would be one of the greatest sports upsets of all time. God I would love to see those insufferable Colorado guys go down. No offense cool Boulder people!

    Kristin Drumm took and early lead and held off Ellen Sherrill for the win in the Elite Women’s race. Long is the shadow of the Drumm sisters in NorCal CX.  I’ve been writing her name so long as a race winner/contender I almost know how to spell it.

    BASP Candlestick Repechage 

    Jamis CX wrote up a great little article on the BASP race action, with winner quotes and all.  Therefore we will quote, and link, to their article because it is most awesome. Spoiler Alert: BJM won.

    Ben Jacques-Maynes soloed in for a fine victory in front of friends and family at the Bay Area Superprestige Race in San Francisco, CA. This was his second consecutive victory at Candlestick Park, with the bayside venue being used twice for the largest cyclocross series in NorCal.

    “Today went almost as smoothly as possible,” said Ben after the race. “I was able to really dial in my equipment during the preride of the course. The file tread tire and wheel combination I ran today really hooked up in the gravel and made for a fast ride. I had a first row call up, was able to get a clean start, and just kept steady power for the rest of the race.” And power away he did, taking the lead very early in the race and distancing himself on the second lap after his trailing companion, Cody Kaiser, succumbed to a flat out on the course.

    FOR FULL ARTICLE JUMP TO http://jamiscx.tumblr.com/ (It’s totally worth it.)

    Mountain biker turned crosser, Jim Hewett, also wrote up a great report worth reading. He has an impossibly good attitude. Somebody should sort that guy out and turn him into a more agro, less-Rocklobsterish-laid-back-style-CX guy. Here are two customary excerpts that will make you go all, “WTF – are people that race bikes really this nice?”

    “During staging, a few of my friends made comments about my new ‘cross rig.  Many of them have never seen me on a cyclocross bike and they questioned whether I could actually ride one fast.  I guess I figured today would be good practice for the real thing!” Ed. Note: I’d be all like, “Screw you friends!” And then I’d parse out every single comment with my wife later that night as she watches her evening shows. I’d plan my comebacks carefully, and then, before the pain of their teasing had settled, I’d judiciously attack my so-called “friends” on Twitter and Facebook over the next several days.  I don’t think Jim knows the meaning of insecurity. Or winning. 

    “I love the competition and look forward to mixing it up with this same crew next week at the Surf City race.  I really enjoyed racing the cyclocross bike and hope to get faster on it.” Ed. Note: I’d be praying my competition got sick every week. Is that just me that hopes that the guy that came in one or two spots ahead of me the week before doesn’t show up or missed the call up? It can’t be just me.  I feel like this kind of mindset is an outlier. I think Jim actually likes to have tough competition. I need to explore this type of attitude.  Maybe it’s healthy. 

    Check out the Full Blog Post from Summitt Call Up  It is actually filled with great race detail

    Rachel Lloyd (DFL), who has won more BASP races than you can shake a stick at took the women’s race. Former World TT Champion Karen Brems (Team Rambuski Law), and relative CX newbie Emily Kachorek (#ghetomoto), were hot on her heels. Brems and Kachoreck finished 10 and 20 seconds down on Lloyd, which is respectable given Lloyd’s experience at the top level of the sport.

    For a look at what was going on elsewhere at the event you should head over to Jortznation, where KT Styer gives a blow-by-blow account of her third place finish in the Women’s B Race.

    I mounted the ole podium for a second consecutive week. I still maintain my surprise in the quality of my legs, especially since I got no more than six hours of sleep the night before, drove a total of 4 hours before my race, had absolutely no time for a pre-lap or warm up and absent-mindedly grabbed my boob-iest sweater.

    Full Post on Jortznation – If only to see how the sweater works out.

    Our intrepid contributors should be back in action this coming weekend. Oh god let them come back soon.



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