• Primetime Podcast: WCA Prez Robin Farina and Dr. Kristin Keim

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    Last week we interviewed two women who are working to make cycling a better place. Listen to the podcast with Robin Farina and Dr. Kristin Keim here. 


    Women’s Cycling Association (WCA) president Robin Farina is deep in the world of cycling. As a bike shop owner, professional cyclist, and national champion road race champion Farina has seen the sport from a lot of different angles, and is eager for change. As the president of the WCA,  Farina helped jump start the organization in 2013, and is currently leading their membership drive.  The WCA was formed to advance the interests of women, both professional and amateur, in the sport of cycling. With the recent announcement that the ASO will include a women’s race on the Champs Elysees the timing for a group like the WCA could not be better.

    Always entertaining, knowledgeable, and quick on her feet, Robin tackles some of the myths surrounding professional women’s cycling such as “Women’s racing isn’t exciting?” and “But men are so much stronger?” We also spoke to Robin about her current team plans, and the devo program she is putting together in Northern California with the Davis Bicycle Club. Robin spoke to us from the premier of the new film Half the Road, by Katheryn Bertine.  Ed. Note: NCCN interviewed Bertine last year as she was raising money and editing her movie.

    The episode also features Dr. Kristin Keim of Keim Peformance Consulting. A former competitive cyclist, Keim spent several years in Northern California finishing her Ph.D, and recently moved back east to open her own consulting practice. Keim has worked with several elite athletes helping mold an effective mental approach to their training and racing, and is a new brand of coach in the U.S peloton. Keim’s work with athletes is hard to describe.  Keim bridges the gap between therapist and life coach into a role that can help athletes calibrate their lives, both on and off the bike. As athletes look at all aspects of their performance to eek out incremental gains, mental training is frequently overlook. Keim is at the forefront of academics and coaches looking at how the mind is treated in competitive sports, and has developed a practice for helping focus elite athletes for a healthier approach to their sport. This segment encompasses the first 10 minutes of the interview, we will broadcast in its entirety at a later date.

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