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    First things first—I grew up in New Jersey thinking pizza sauce and fried onion’s on a cheesesteak counted as my daily serving of veggies. Only after long time-residence and a long term girlfriend in California have I broadened my vegetable horizons. 

    As someone who finds boiling, chopping and or grating of beets a deterrent to their regular consumption, I found Pure Clean Powder’s Beet Juice product intriguing. The company offers up one pre-dried, pulverized beet per package meaning peeling and prep can no longer be an excuse for avoiding the daily dose of this nitrate boosting veggie.

    What makes beets a preferred alternative to Muscle Milk, Cliff Shot, or other endurance boosting supplements? According to the company, beets contain a high amount of nitrates, and nitrates help facilitate oxygen delivery during exercise. The natural nitrates in beets are harnessed through the power of slow drying and packaging in powdered for. The slow drying allegedly cooks and dehydrates the beet without roaching the valuable nitrates and other nutrients.

    Pure Clean Powder Beet Juice

    The test package of Pure Clean Powder Beet Juice came with 12 individually packaged beet juice packets ($18.50) and a z520 oz. Blender Bottle ($7.80). The blender bottle comes with a stirring ball that fully dissolves the powder into water. The times I used a fork to stir in the beet juice, I found a crystalized beet-precipitate at the bottom of my beverage. The bottle also lets cyclists fit in at the gym where meatheads guzzle their protein shakes from similar vessels.

    Pure Clean Powder claims no added sugars or preservatives to the Beet Juice product. My taste buds verified this quality, as when mixed with water, the beverage tasted like unsweetened beets. Those who prefer natural flavors will appreciate this characteristic. People who ate tubes of cake frosting as a child may find more difficulty consuming this powder on a daily basis.

    To aid with the flavor, Pure Clean Powder suggests mixing the beet juice in with a smoothie. Yes the method for making Kale edible makes the beet Juice powder an absolute delight. Extrapolating the flavor combining suggestion, team Rock Lobster experimented with various mixtures during our most recent trip to Bend Oregon for the Deschutes Brewery Cup. An early morning attempt with coffee and a late night PBR-Beet Juice concoction both failed and confirmed a smoothie seems the way to go for sprucing up the taste factor for Pure Clean Powders Beet Juice.

    The effect on overall power output during Pure Clean Powder consumption was difficult to judge. Cross season provides a very unscientific means to test the efficacy of a power boosting product given the variations in course profiles, other racers, and the amount of manual labor performed in the week leading up to the race. Unlike a shot of Hennessey, didn’t provide an immediate and noticeable effect my cycling experience

    Bottom Line: Pure Clean Powder Beet Juiceis a great product for anyone who lacks a sweet tooth and is too lazy to grate beets and who lacks a significant sweet tooth. The product is a streamlined way to ingest beets and the accompanying nutrients of the veggie root.



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