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    Halo Sports Group’s general manager Martin Santos is proud to officially announce the roster of the NRC women’s squad for his 2014 team, Pinnacle-Reactor p/b JL Velo.

    Developing an upper level women’s team has been one of Santos’ goals since first forming Leopard-Sapporo team under the Halo Sports umbrella last season.

    “The vision of this program is to nurture and prepare these talented riders for the next level of professional cycling, which is Halo Sports’ vision for 2016 — a Pro status team,” Santos says. “Our philosophy is quality riders, not quantity.”

    Leopard-Sapporo has certainly set a precedent for this. In its first year, the team garnered second overall for NCNCA overall team points, with female riders placing admirably in district series like the Cal Cup and the NCNCA Women’s Series. In June, when Santos announced the addition of a women’s team to the Leopard-Sapporo roster, he said that he hoped to disrupt the dominance of larger teams, and the team, now with the addition of an NRC squad, looks like it will continue to fulfill that quest.

    Pinnacle-Reactor’s NRC team is headed by directors Felicia Gomez, a Canadian former professional cyclist and Jane Despas.

    “I had a very short professional career and did what I felt I could,” Gomez said upon first signing on with the team in September, “but now my goal is to help others. I can do that by being on a team and being an example. I was fortunate that when I was a professional cyclist I had directors teach strategy. I want to teach that to other riders.”

    Pinnacle-Reactor’s 2014 NRC team is composed of eight riders:

    • Felicia Gomez – Canada
    • Jane Despas – Australia
    • Emily Matheu – California,  Cat 1
    • Anna Grace Christensen – Oregon,  Cat 1
    • Christina Hughes – Nevada,  Cat 1
    • Laura Jorgensen – Florida,  Cat 1
    • Sara Bird – California,  Cat 2
    • Melanie Wong – California,  Cat 2

    “We carefully selected each of these riders to complement each other and to perform as one,” Santos says.

    Pinnacle-Reactor will also continue to foster new racers in the sport with its regional Women’s P/1/2 and 3/4 squad, the latter of which is directed by veteran racer Holly Roberts.

    “Being able to support younger riders and mentor them is absolutely key in growing the sport in NorCal as well as nationally,” Gomez says.

    Pinnacle-Reactor is sponsored by: Pinnacle Training Systems, Reactor Personal Training Studios, MRI Endurance, iRT Wheels, JL Velo Designs, Franco Bicycles, Rudy Project and Shimano Components.



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