• Basso Bridge TT Starts 17th Mariposa Women’s Stage Race

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    17 May 2014
    Basso Bridge Time Trial
    17th. Mariposa Women’s Stage Race, La Grange

    Jane Despas (ICE Sportswear p/b Pinnacle Racing) overcame wind, heat, and a big charge from Joanna Dahl (Metromint Cycling) to win yesterday’s Basso Bridge Time Trial. With Dahl the lone ‘Mint up against five ICE Sportswear racers, she admitted ahead of the race that getting a good result in the time trial is key to a good stage race. In the end, Despas kept Dahl within sight to get her weekend’s effort off to a good start.

    Jane Despas Sets the Mark at Basso Bridge

    Jane Despas Sets the Mark at Basso Bridge

    The Best Way to End Cycling in 90-degree Heat
    As the week’s heat wave begins to close out, the Stage I Time Trial, for the Mariposa Women’s Stage Race, starts and finishes where Yosemite Boulevard, near La Grange, crosses the Tuolumne River. With temperatures still reaching well into the nineties, racers took a cooling, welcome dip in the river but only after racing the clock along the slightly rolling 16km course.

    Set some 60m apart from the existing crossing, the namesake for today’s time trial is a truss bridge built in 1911. Itself, Basso’s Bridge is named after the immigrant ferry operator from Basso, Italy, who later tended the bridge. All in good keeping with the Italian etymology of “Promo”.

    This year’s running sees 46 racers begin their campaign at an event known for its esprit de corps. A few categories are dominated in numbers by a single team whilst only two categories have sufficient racers, from different clubs, to invoke team-tactics. Today’s time trial, along with tomorrow’s hill climb, provide excellent opportunities for individuals to stake an early claim on the competition for general classification.

    Elephants on Parade
    Despas set the fastest time today, for category P/1/2, covering the out-and-back in 23 minutes 53 seconds. Dahl’s time was just 9 seconds longer.

    “I was catching [Joanne Dahl] on the short climbs,” remarked Despas. “It’s not a flat course…there are some rollers so it’s a power course, in my opinion. I was gaining on the climbs but she would distance herself from me when it came to the slight downhills or with the tail wind.

    “It was hot and windy. All sorts of wind. A cross wind, a strong wall of head wind, and a mile or two of tail wind that carried you into the finish. But it was definitely the heat that was a factor; you’ll hear a lot of croaky voices after that 10-miler.

    “At one point I was spun out…I ran out of gears. But then I saw [Dahl] heading into the finish. As she crossed the line I was just doing my countdown…one elephant, two elephants, three elephants…to make sure I kept the gap to a minimum.

    “I wanted to ride within myself as well as keep her in sight.”

    Dahl has her work cut out for the rest of the Stage Race and tomorrow morning’s Groveland Hillclimb will be telling. She may receive some respite, however, as, given the small field, Despas may break her team into two squads. This could certainly change the complexion of the Stage Race should ICE Sportswear indeed go tête-à-tête.

    Another notable time today was put down by Anne Valta (iRT-Reactor p/b JL Velo) at 24m 31s for Cat 3. The big category is 45+ with thirteen riders. Camille Delucha-Flaherty (Velo Bella Specialized) set the standard at 25m 40s but the top five racers are covered by less than a minute.

    Unofficial Results
    1. Jane Despas (ICE Sportswear p/b Pinnacle Racing) 25m 53s
    2. Joanna Dahl (Metromint Cycling) +9s
    3. Melanie Wong (ICE Sportswear p/b Pinnacle Racing) +1m 38s
    4. Misha Fuller (ICE Sportswear p/b Pinnacle Racing) +1m 50s
    5. Sara Bird (ICE Sportswear p/b Pinnacle Racing) +2m 12s
    6. Emily Matheu (ICE Sportswear p/b Pinnacle Racing) +3m 5s

    Cat 3
    1. Anne Valta (iRT-Reactor p/b JL Velo) 24m 31s
    2. Bethany Allen (iRT-Reactor p/b JL Velo) +53s
    3. Stephanie Hines (Metromint Cycling) +1m 22s
    4. Tiina Aardemae (Metromint Cycling) +3m 21s
    5. Meredith Stowe Christie (Pacific Crush Racing) +3m 44s
    6. Nicole Olson (Metromint Cycling) +4m 8s
    7. Maureen McAuliffe (Pinnacle-Reactor p/b JL Velo) + 4m 17s
    8. Fiona Winder (VuMedi Elite Cycling Team) + 4m 38s
    9. Samantha Vroomen (Red Peloton) +4m 52s

    Cat 4
    1. Andria Bouskos (Pacific Crush Racing) 26m 57s
    2. Patrica Pacheco (CA Technologies Racing) +23s
    3. Shaylyn Lewis (Pinnacle-Reactor p/b JL Velo) +1m 23s
    5. Michelle Nightingale (Early Bird Women’s Racing) +2m 33s
    6. Emily Abraham (Team Swift) +3m 17s
    7. Diana Cedeno (Metromint Cycling) +3m 23s
    8. Pamala Collum +4m 39s

    1. Ellen Sherrill (Metromint Cycling) 25m 45s
    2. Rikke Preisler (Metromint Cycling) +27s
    3. Monica Harris (Thirsty Bear Cycling Team) +1m 33s
    4. Laurie Furman (Metromint Cycling) +1m 40s
    5. Cybil Silberman (Early Bird Women’s Team) +4m 3s
    6. Kelly Snow (Pacific Crush Racing) +5m 6s

    1. Camille Delucha-Flaherty (Velo Bella Specialized) 25m 40s
    2. Lesley Jensen (Metromint Cycling) +3s
    3. Kim Wik +22s
    4. Elizabeth Benishin (CA Technologies Racing) +40s
    5. Andi Smith (B4-T9) +57s
    6. Elena Joroski (SJBC) +2m 9s
    7. Kelly McLaughlin (B4-T9) +2m 34s
    8. Andrea Atkins (CA Technologies Racing) +3m 1s
    9. Margaret Winder (Pacific Crush Racing) +3m 9s
    10. Sonja Klein (Pacific Crush Racing) +3m 20s
    11. Monica Nevitt (Pacific Crush Racing) +4m 5s
    12. Maryann Levenson (B4T9 Masters Women Racing) +4m 29s
    13. Caria Cosentino (Pacific Crush Racing) +8m 27s

    1. Yvonne Walbroehl (Pen Velo Racing) 26m 53s
    2. Dustyn Dustyn (Hammer Nutrition) +2m 7s
    3. Narda Roushdi (Berkeley Bike Club) +3m 27s
    4. Lea Brooks (Velo Bella) +6m 55s




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