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    If you haven’t seen the video interview with Shane Rogers, the guru designer of Eligo Hydrate system please do.  It’s a supplement to this review.

    Eligo Hydrate is a product that deserves a lot of attention in 2014.  The company launched in April this year at Sea Otter and there’s a big buzz going around about this fantastic idea.

    I was able to sit down with product designer Shane Rogers and Jesse Kimbrel, Eligo’s PR flack, and they were gracious enough to field several questions in an impromptu video for our NCCN readers.  While we are biased when it comes to supporting local home grown companies in NorCal, what makes the company even more special is that their products are also produced locally.  Eligo Hydrate is based in Los Gatos, and Shane proudly explained their local production process. Shane showed me a demo of how the product worked and at first, I was concerned Eligo was going to be a difficult set up that would require me to re-watch the video or go to their website for instructions.

    I decided to take Eligo on the road and see if it delivered what Shane promised. It was a gray and cold morning,which was just perfect to take the cross bike ride out test the Eligo.

    Here is what I found…

    1.  Ease of Use or “Dummy” Proof


    Step 1: Connect Eligo Spile to Quick Connect on Reservoir

    Setting up the whole system was easy! Eligo sells their own bladder or reservoir and it’s a high quality reservoir called “Hydrapak.”  It is a high end material, very light and easy to clean.  In my test, I was able to use my own bladder from another company since it has a quick connect for the Eligo spile. Essentially as long as the reservoir is up to date, most likely it will have a universal connector or “quick connect”.  All you do is plug in and the Eligo spile will make a clicking sound, it’s locked and ready to go.


    Step 2: Connect Eligo Electrolyte cartridge  to back of mouth piece

    The next step is to connect the Eligo electrolyte which can be purchased online.  I simply twisted the Eligo electrolyte cartridge to the back of the mouth piece and it’s locked once I heard a click.  I then pushed in the mouth piece in to break the seal of the Eligo electrolyte. Simple, fast and I was ready to rock!

    Note:  There is a small hanger on the spile that the Eligo electrolyte hooks into to hold it securely.  I thought this was a neat feature. Eligo electrolyte is a proprietary formula developed by Eligo nutritionist experts and comes in concentrate form.  The concentrate mixes with the water in your reservoir according to Eligo, it’s a ratio of 1:66 to deliver the equivalent 1L of electrolyte per cartridge.  I was skeptic about the concentrate and it’s advertised volume but after going for an hour riding, I can understand why.

    2.  Electrolyte taste is very light. The Eligo electrolyte mixed with water tasted super light and hardly left an after taste.  I initially thought that it would be a strong taste since it is super concentrated but the water mixture or dilution really gave it a very refreshing taste in my mouth.

    3.  Bites works! There are two mechanisms of bites on the mouth piece of the Eligo spile.  The word “Eligo” means “to choose” so the first bite is for water only and the second bite is for Eligo electrolyte+water.  Really simple and I had a kick switching bites back and forth.  The bite mechanism is really the heart of the product and I must say, it’s fantastic.  No more salt pills and no more crud in the reservoir because I forgot to wash out the electrolyte mixture a week ago after my race!  Another great feature of the mouth piece is the flow of fluid, a big gulp each bite and I prefer it that way.

    4.  Reusable electrolyte cartridge


    Eligo electrolyte cartridges are so cool!

    The Eligo electrolyte cartridge twists off easily after a ride and can be stored for later rides.  Personally, I can probably put in more than 8 hours on the bike for the whole Eligo electrolyte on a warm day.  All I need to do is re-fill my reservoir with water.  According to Eligo, each Eligo electrolyte cartridge is equivalent to 1 liter so that is a lot of electrolyte!

    5.  Reasonably Priced The Eligo spile and Reservoir cost $44.95, not bad for the quality of the product.  My observation is that the materials used in this product are high quality. The easiest way to keep the cost down would be to use an existing reservoir with a quick connect. This is a great option since just the spile cost is $38.95. The Eligo electrolyte cartridge is $19.99 for a box of 8!  In my case, on hot days I would probably use more but I can use the one electrolyte per 8 or even 10 hours on the bike so for about $20, that’s approximately 80 hours.  Not a bad deal IMHO.

    In summary, Eligo Hydrate is a strong product and definitely worth checking out.  Eligo Hydrate also have future plans to include a bottled version and refillable cartridges so stay tuned. Eligo Hydrate really delivered a very impressive product!

    Visit their Website: Eligo Hydrate Purchase Eligo Hydrate Products

    Company Contact: Shane Rogers, srogers@rxhydration.com, 408-921-1991
    PR Contact: Jesse Kimbrel, jckimbrel@gmail.com, 408-314-3221

    Credits:  Thank you Shane and Jesse for your time and showing us a really killer product.



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