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    3 October 2014

    Announced recently, Sam Barn Promotions moved the 5th Annual NorCal versus SoCal California State Cyclocross Championships from its originally planned December dates to 24-25 January 2015. The Hart Park, Bakersfield venue will continue to see riders from up and down the state decide the better district in January. The change accommodates concerns from many up north over conflicts with local events, including SacCX at Miller Park, the NCCX Kitten of Vallejo, and more directly with BASP’s CCCP CycloCross at Coyote Point.

    Sam Ames was frank in discussing the change. “About 2 weeks ago, when ‘cross racing started, I think most folks began to look at calendars. I appreciate the over 40 NorCal racers that contacted me to express their disappointment needing to choose between two great events. We stewed on it, polled some friends, and realized the best option was to avoid the conflict, work towards 2015, and give the season a big fat, throw-down send off. Much as we have done in the past.”

    The Championship Trophy

    The Championship Trophy

    Perhaps a promoter’s most difficult challenge is to please disparate groups. Last June, Ames told Fit and Filthy “I want to get it moved out of January and more into the prime season. That has been the request of a lot of the riders that have come through the last couple of years. They really thought it was a great event and would like to see it in an intermediate part of the season.” Fast forward to October, however, Ames has more to accommodate but still aims to move the event in the following years. “We want to please all riders. Many from both regions want to see the race more in prime time and we will continue to pursue the first weekend in December for 2015, starting now. Folks who have attended the event in the past want more people to race with and feel such a move would increase attendance.”

    The January date still has its benefits. “Well, advantages are avoiding other events,” continued Ames. “but, for sure the course, conditions, weather, etc. should be ideal. It gives us more time to market and have fun with the promotion as well and do some smack talking. Riders can come and show what they won, what they did, and really send the season off with a bang.

    “The disadvantage is of course keeping racers motivated to keep on truckin’. While ‘cross is shorter than most seasons some do call it a “season” after Jan 1. I love that the season really has been extended with Nationals and other events pushing later. It will take another year or two to cement the idea…we will lead that charge! Everyone hates to see it go and MANY folks from both regions say ‘Hey, its STILL cross season!’

    “If riders don’t support it then it can’t exist. It’s not a viable event without riders from both regions. Some of my colleagues have thrown out the idea that we move it…one year in NorCal, one year in SoCal. It’s an interesting idea but I maintain that the center of the state is…well…the center of the state! So, that said come race. If your not going to Nationals, enjoy the holidays, eat some cookies, then clean the rigs for the hardest and final CX race of the season. We will send it off with a raucous good time!”

    The two-day event may see State Championship Points available on both days but Ames will decide those details shortly. The move keeps the original SoCal SPYclocross event in place, on 6-7 December 2014, and part of the CACX calendar.

    Emily Thurston (Missing Link) Winning at the Inaugural Race

    Emily Thurston (Missing Link) Winning at the Inaugural Race



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