• Offseason Merger Brings New Threat, CoreTechs Staffing Elite

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    Editor’s note: Since 2012, the Men’s P/1/2 season-long narrative has been dictated by Mike’s Bikes and Marc Pro – Strava. Over the course of the 2014 season, Fresh Air Cycling team developed a number of riders to the point that they began to leave their mark on NorCal’s long road races. At the same time, Randy Bramblett and a few teammates had been scrounging together some results for iRT p/b JL Velo. In both 2012 and 2013, Bramblett won a handful of solid field sprints, but the race winner was often up the road. The combination of some of the best riders from both teams into CoreTechs Staffing Elite has presented another team who, along with VuMedi Elite Cycling Team, will seek to break up the dominance of Marc Pro – Strava and Mike’s Bikes. The CoreTechs merge may be the most compelling offseason move since the emergence of VuMedi last year.

    “CoreTechs Staffing Cycling Team, based out of the Bay Area in Northern California,  is proud to announce our all new Elite Cat 1/2 team. Our goal this year is to give the established P/1/2  local teams a run for their money. We are shooting for podiums in all the NorCal P/1/2 races we enter. In addition we will be racing a few select NRC races. This is a super cohesive, strong group of riders who will be racing for each other in 2015 using all the best strategies and tactics.
    The team was founded in order to give a home to those riders, that are top level local racers but who realize that a pro contract is most likely not in the cards. They are the working man, who holds down a full time job while still racing for the podium in the Pro/1/2 races.  We intend to keep this group together as long as possible with the hope that some of them transition in a few years to our elite Masters team. Should be exciting to watch this new group of semi-youngsters get the “Brain Train” rolling. This team’s inaugural roster is Randy Bramblett, Andre Carriao, Conner Spencer, Ryan Moore, Nathaneal Christensen, David Bangor, Jared Prince, Naveen Molloy, Rob Schell, and Sergei Badeka.
    We want to thank our great sponsors for enabling this to happen. Special thanks to CoreTechs Staffing, FrontRange Software, Marble Security, Rambus, Tselli and Terun Restaurant and Menlo Velo, and Tim Westmore  for the support. “
    CoreTechs Staffing Elite may add considerable depth to the NorCal peloton in 2015.

    CoreTechs Staffing Elite may add considerable depth to the NorCal peloton in 2015.

    “Back for our second year as an elite masters race team is the CoreTechs Staffing TwT squad. This is our group of “old guys” who still race their bike at the top end of the masters races. In 2014 the team finished the year as the number one 45+ Cat 1/2/3 squad in Northern California. We are aiming for a  repeat! We welcome to the team two additions in 2015. Track National Champ Andrew Nevitt and long time elite racer Greg Davis. They will join our established Cat 1/2 team of Andrew Adelman, Steve Heaton, Jerome Nadel, Eric Saltzman, Daryoush Paknad, Tom Rice, and Rick Morgan.”
    CoreTechs Staffing Masters team will seek to continue their 2014 success this upcoming season.

    CoreTechs Staffing Masters team will seek to continue their 2014 success this upcoming season with the addition of some National Champion firepower off the track, Andrew Nevitt.



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