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    Hernando – Mike Hernandez is a long time racer, promoter, and cycling advocate.  Mike started NorCal Cycling News, with the help of Sabine Dukes of Velo Bella fame, after he discovered his local blog covering some of his exploits in the NorCal Racing Scene were being followed by legions of fans across the globe.  Mike is a passionate advocate of supporting women and young athletes as well as a central figure in the burgeoning racing scene at Hellyer Velodrome. Mike’s race series at Hellyer Velodrome, the Friday Nite Fights, is one of the most popular mid-week cycling events in the United States.  Mike thinks he’s the clever one…

    HellyerTed Burns started writing under the pen name Hellyer to promote the Testarossa Velodrome Challange and memorialize the John E. Peckham Points Race.  After creating a successful Twitter and Facebook promotional vehicle for Hellyer Velodrome he started writing for NCCN in 2009 and helped Mike revive the site in 2011 in order to capture and cover the rich local racing scene.  You can reach him via email at norcal [at] love.com. Ted thinks he’s the funny one and can really best describe himself in three words….

    Cranking Glass – Tim Westmore is the coolest dude in the world.  He is a mild mannered engineer by day, but when the weekend starts he is a cycling writer and photography machine.  Support Tim by going to his website and picking out some of your favorite photos! You can find all of Tim’s work online at http://www.argentumimago.com/

    Chris H-D – Chris Harland-Dunaway grew up in the town of Moraga and now lives in Palo Alto.  He is a recent UC Davis grad and NorCal racer on Marc-Pro Strava. Chris has big ideas and when they work their way into a post it’s like printing money.

    Drew Juiliano – Born in Philly and raised in New Jersey, Andrew moved to a Santa Cruz garage in 2007. From this Central California hovel, he frolicked in the surf and pedaled through the mountains while earning a degree in Basket Weaving (read Pre and Early Modern Literary Studies) from UCSC. He currently lives the glorious life of a freelance writer in San Francisco and only participates in activities that encourage grown men to wear skintight attire in public—namely bobbing on a surfboard at Ocean Beach or furiously pedaling his bicycle to escape the concrete-induced claustrophobia of the city.

    Matt Beebe – Like the NorCal lion? Matt’s the designer. Matt Beebe is a former IDEO designer and has been working with mobile devices for several years. He has designed several cycling kits and a few other other cycling products, in addition to the NCCN logo. Before becoming an insanely proud father, Matt was an avid racer, and specialized in time trials. These days Matt races cyclocross and is a founding team member of several start ups. Sometimes he gets talked into writing a review.

    Alex Chiu – Alex is one of the top NorCal race photographers. At some point in the last year he started sending in race reporting with his photos, and his career as a journalist was born. He’s new at this and not as used to dealing with partisan emails at Ted, so make sure to be nice to him when you see him. Check out his photos and buy tons of them!

    Lisa Mueller – You don’t see Lisa’s name much, but that’s because she helps out with fly by copy editing when we need it. And as you all know, we need it. Lisa’s doing some kind of PhD thing and racing for Metromint. She even wins races. Must have good genes.

    Flandria – Angela Aldrich has been an avid fan of professional bike racing since 2000 especially the European races.  An amateur masters who races cx, mountain bike, road and track for over 7 years.  Most people know me as “Flandria” because I love the classics and have the Lion of Flanders tattoo’d on my left calve as a reminder to live life with passion everyday just like the Belgian bike racers – they are passionate about their bike races, it’s their life!  Angela is on hiatus while she hikes the Himalayas.

    Nate Dunn – Nate Dunn has always been passionate about understanding human performance. What started as a fascination with heart rate monitors in high school led to the completion of his Masters Degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science from CSUS and the founding of his cycling and endurance sports coaching business Data Driven Athlete. He can typically be found reading exercise physiology research, talking excitedly about athletic performance with clients, or backpacking around the NorCal wilderness with his wife and young daughter.

    NorCal Cycling News – Our goal is to create entertaining information source that covers Northern California’s men and women’s elite level race scene as if it were it’s own country.  Which it should be.  Like New Zealand.  Or Andorra

    We are always on the look our for the following…in order of priority

    • Race results and gossip
    • Writers – we pay a lot! Kidding… still – contact us if interested
    • Photographers
    • Race video
    • Sponsorship and advertising leads