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    Former NorCal resident now residing in Madison,Wisconsin. I race cross, but I'm named after a velodrome. Support your local bike shop, NorCal race promoters, and go learn to race on a track. Hellyer Velodrome - http://www.ridethetrack.com


    Late Bloomers In Crit Season

    by  • July 15, 2011 • Crit, opinionate • 0 Comments

    Crit season is the time for the late bloomers.  The late bloomers have experience from years of racing, but have passed up life on the road, for a normal, adult like existence.  The late bloomers have real jobs, and use the extended daylight hours of summer to get in the necessary training required to...

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    Hellyer Progeny – Moscow or Bust

    by  • July 12, 2011 • race coverage, Velodrome • 0 Comments

    Two of Hellyer’s juniors qualified for the World Track Championships in Moscow with national championships victories this past weekend.  Andrew Lanier, whose father –  A. Lanier Sr. gives much of his time to development of juniors down at Hellyer Velodrome, qualified for the Points Race with his win.  Andrew is one of the Specialized...

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    Crit Recap: Davis, St. Rafael, Lodi Get Pro Treatment

    by  • July 11, 2011 • norcal scene, race coverage • 2 Comments

    Ed. Note: Vacation happened last week… sort of. NorCal got the pro treatment with coverage and photos at several big crits by Lyne Lamoureaux of podiuminsight.com fame.  While resting up at home in NorCal, in between NRC and fancy domestic races, which podiuminsight.com covers for various cycling publications, L.L showed up to take some photos...

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    TDF Day 1 – When Friends Become Enemies

    by  • July 2, 2011 • too random • 6 Comments

    Every year it’s the same thing. About 15 minutes after the first stage some excited viewer in my circle of friends posts the result with an innocent comment like “Chapeau Gilbert!”. The news used to be broken on email, but now it’s on Facebook, twitter, google+ or what ever service you might be using....

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    TVC Day 1

    by  • July 2, 2011 • race coverage • 2 Comments

    I have been en route to the east coast since 10:30 am PST Friday morning but I was able to stay up to date on happenings at the Testarossa Velodrome Challenge thanks to the tweets of @yu_kie and the photos of @podiuminsight (http://www.podiuminsight.com/2011/07/02/testarossa-american-velodrome-challenge-day-1/). Be sure to check them out on twitter for a recap...

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    Crit Season – and the Other July Race

    by  • June 30, 2011 • norcal scene • 1 Comment

    The NorCal Spring & Summer classics are over.  July means one thing – Crit Season is upon us!  To help sharpen that leg speed there are even a few high profile track races the serious crit monkeys can ride.  Below are the events that are highlights on the NorCal Crit Season Calendar. – Testarossa...

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    TVC VIP Tickets & Hellyer Videos

    by  • June 29, 2011 • norcal scene • 1 Comment

    Thanks for the responses to the VIP ticket give away. I had a couple of “winners.” – Lyne Lamoreaux: because i want to steal her photos from podiuminsight.com – Yukie: because she’ll tweet the results – Alden: I am making him write content for the site. He was willing to expose this fact if...

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