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    Vanderkitten, Myers Triumph On Bariani Knoll

    by  • March 18, 2013 • too random

    Myers Wins 2013 Bariani RR

    The 2013 Bariani Road Race is coupled with the Land Park Criterium every year to provide a race weekend in close proximity to the state capitol.  The race is sponsored by Bariani Olive Oil, which conjures images of rolling hills in Lombardy, but in reality much of the race is the flats of Zamora,...

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    Singletrack High Screening

    by  • March 12, 2013 • norcal scene, too random

    A special screening of Singletrack High not to be missed.  Support the junior racers in NorCal.  Register for the screening and enjoy the show. Suggested donation of $15/person.  All proceeds go to the NorCal High School Cycling League. At the age of 16, many American kids trade in two wheels for four. Trusty steeds...

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    NCCN Podcast Guide

    by  • March 11, 2013 • interviews, norcal scene, too random

    There are 2 ways to listen to NCCN podcast episodes. Directly from BlogTalk Radio home page or on iTunes Player.  You can also search for “NorCal CyclingNews” in the Apple store under podcast.  Once a new podcast is published, we will link the episode from NCCN facebook fan page as well. ON-SITE RACE INTEVIEWS...

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    Disp@tches d’ Hernando: RedKite, CCCX and Madera

    by  • March 11, 2013 • too random

    March Madness begins in NorCal The Red Kite Racing Series kicked off on Sunday with a superb criterium nestled right at the base of the greenly covered hills of east Livermore.  Steve Rosefield is the head of NorCal’s newest professional promoting company and has already put himself at the head of the pack.  The...

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    Featured Bike Shop: Cupertino Bike Shop

    by  • March 9, 2013 • review, too random

    NCCN is dedicated to the NorCal cycling community and support local cycling businesses.  If we get a chance to visit a bike shop, we will feature it on NCCN with permission of course.  Check out our first featured NorCal bike shop! Cupertino Bike Shop is one of those bike store that can be compared...

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    Merco TT Results: Men

    by  • March 1, 2013 • too random

    1;70;”JACQUES-MAYNES Benjamin”;”Jamis-Hagen Berman”;0:24:36.760;0:00:00;””; 2;86;”HAGA Chad”;”Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies”;0:24:41.310;0:00:05;””; 3;89;”ZIRBEL Tom”;”Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies”;0:24:41.900;”…”;””; 4;80;”TEETER Jonathan”;”Marc Pro-Strava”;0:24:44.450;0:00:08;””; 5;1;”GAIMON Phillip”;”BISSELL Pro Cycling”;0:24:47.810;0:00:11;””; 6;11;”CARLSEN Kirk”;””;0:24:59.510;0:00:23;””; 7;2;”VENNELL Jeremy”;”BISSELL Pro Cycling”;0:25:00.840;0:00:24;””; 8;4;”TORCKLER Michael”;”BISSELL Pro Cycling”;0:25:03.920;0:00:27;””; 9;51;”TVETCOV Serghei”;”Full Circle powered by Pure Gear”;0:25:08.450;0:00:32;””; 10;33;”LOADER Logan”;”CashCall Mortgage”;0:25:14.800;0:00:38;””; 11;131;”STEPHENS David”;”Team H&R BLOCK”;0:25:17.930;0:00:41;””; 12;78;”ROSSI Justin”;”Marc Pro-Strava”;0:25:23.690;0:00:47;””; 13;26;”LUCAS Eamon”;”California Giant/Specialized”;0:25:25.130;0:00:49;””; 14;5;”KYER Julian”;”BISSELL...

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    Merco TT Results: Women

    by  • March 1, 2013 • too random

    1;457;”STEVENS Evelyn”;”Specialized-lululemon”;0:26:21.130;0:00:00; 2;437;”POWERS Alison”;”NOW and Novartis for MS”;0:26:35.640;0:00:14; 3;413;”TETRICK Alison”;”Exergy TWENTY16″;0:27:15.870;0:00:54; 4;443;”WALLE Brianna”;”Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies”;0:27:17.750;0:00:56; 5;463;”WILES Tayler”;”Team Specialized-lululemon”;0:27:38.930;0:01:17; 6;434;”FARINA Robin”;”NOW and Novartis for MS”;0:27:51.460;0:01:30; 7;414;”ABBOTT Mara”;”ExergyTWENTY16″;0:28:03.390;0:01:42; 8;412;”TAMAYO Lauren”;”Exergy TWENTY16″;0:28:09.040;0:01:48; 9;450;”THORNQUIST Amy”;”Pinnacle p/b Argon 18″;0:28:13.270;0:01:52; 10;431;”ALBRECHT Lex”;”NOW and Novartis for MS”;0:28:13.740;”…”; 11;442;”KIRCHMANN Leah”;”Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies”;0:28:14.500;0:01:53; 12;436;”NEWELL Elizabeth ‘Beth'”;”NOW and Novartis for...

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    Merco Results: GC Results Day 1

    by  • February 28, 2013 • too random

    GC Results after Merco Irrigation District Road Race P/1/2Men 1 “GAIMON Phillip”;”BISSELL Pro Cycling”;3:11:36 2 “CARLSEN Kirk 0:00:59 3 “JACQUES-MAYNES Benjamin”;”Jamis-Hagen Berman ;0:01:01 4 “CURRAN Geoffrey”;”Get Crackin” 0:01:05 5 “HAGA Chad”;”Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies”0:01:11 6 “RODRIGUEZ Fred”;”Team Fast Freddie”;0:01:25 7 “ALFREDO AGUIRRE INFANTE Jose .st 8 “WEICHT Michael”;”CashCall Mortgage”.st 9 “DAHLHEIM Andrew”;”BISSELL Pro...

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