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    lunch ride nostalgia

    by  • May 29, 2008 • too random • 17 Comments

    charge the paddles My first cycling hero was Miguel Indurain. Actually, he had already retired before I even knew bike racing existed … but, when i started riding ~ somebody had a copy of the 1995 Tour de France and he entered my life. That Tour … I’ve no idea how many times it...

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    humpday should be everyday

    by  • May 28, 2008 • too random • 4 Comments

    in light of the ST. Evil’s electronico interview on some old guy’s blog, we toss out for your perusal, an HATBL’ish splattering of sheeet happening on the horizon ~ - – - DFL is putting on another game of twister on bikes. Yes, it’s beautiful. Yes, it’s underground. Yes, they still shave their legs...

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    i got nothing …

    by  • May 27, 2008 • too random • 1 Comment

    yup, yup ~ i know this site has been stale like a bag full of day-olds … but, it should be slipping back into gear here on the quick-like. So prepare thyselves for the onslaught of mangled vocab, mismatched metaphors dug out of the sockdrawer, and pissin’ in the wind. – – – in...

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    by  • May 22, 2008 • too random • 37 Comments

    we appreciate all the calls about the fire.  we’ve got lodging for the night and the important things are safe (kitties).  Sabine pushed aside a news crew to get them out. she’s so badass.  but, she says the fire looks to be moving away from the house, at least. others, not so lucky. -...

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    Golden State Criterium this Saturday!!!

    by  • May 21, 2008 • too random • 1 Comment

    Hey folks, it’s forecast for low 70’s in Sactown this weekend … which i find very, very hard to believe ~ because every time we’ve scratched spandex up there in past editions of this race, it seems like we do nothing but bleed sweat from every inch. The Golden State Crit is in a...

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