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    The NorCal Classic: Nevada City

    by  • June 19, 2011 • race coverage • 0 Comments

    I’m hoping Hernando pipes with some of his bike race poetry on the Nevada City Classic since he’s been popping up in Facebook pictures from the race all day.   Summer finally arrived just in time to punish the faithful who were willing to trek up to the Sierra’s in a field that was...

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    W123 Pesky Pedaling

    by  • June 18, 2011 • race coverage, womyn on weels • 2 Comments

    It started with a bang for the hosting Webcor/SportVelo women, with Jane Wolcott taking the first prime and holding the field off over the first bump in Stage road.   The first descent dropped a rider or two, and then the climb over the next bump dropped one more. The grind up 84 commenced and...

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    Pesky District Championships

    by  • June 18, 2011 • race coverage • 3 Comments

    The Pesky podium photo, which doubles for the District Championship, kinda sums up the NorCal men’s scene right now. Cal Giant on top, flanked by two Marc Pro-Strava fellas,  with Yahoo oddly awkwardly standing to the side… and then there is a Webcor presence hanging in the background.  Jesse Moore took his second District...

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    The Cat 3 Report Dispatch #1

    by  • June 18, 2011 • Cat 3, race coverage • 3 Comments

    Editors Note: This is a new feature written by guest writer Cat3 Bloggity covering action in the Cat3 world.  He thinks nobody cares about his world, but i disagree, so I’m leaving out his tag line of …. “Races that nobody cares about and results that don’t matter.”   He’s like an amateur Big...

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    Weekend Quickie

    by  • June 13, 2011 • race coverage • 1 Comment

    This is almost straight from Beth Newell who took a win at the Taleo Crit in Benicia today. Taleo Crit Joel Robertson & Kirk Carlson (Garmin) were in a 2 man break, and Kirk won.   Beth Newell won the women’s race (soloed for about 20 minutes). Mendes Crit Mary Ellen Ash won the women’s...

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    in the (mt) Hood

    by  • June 5, 2011 • norcal scene, race coverage • 0 Comments

    Congrats to the homies It’s hard to pick which is the bigger story … Nate English finally breaking through for the big win, or PB&Co putting in a dramatic win against the Canadian threat. ENGLISH … beats Aside from having a girlfriend much cooler than him, Nate English also has a set of climbing...

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    If i wanted to live in Seattle…

    by  • June 4, 2011 • race coverage • 1 Comment

    If there is one thing I hate it is Seattle.  The reasons are many but I finally walked away from trying to like that crap hole when my dog sat on a hypodermic needle during a three day visit.  I pulled the needled out of his butt out and never looked back.  For what...

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    Mt. Hamilton W1,2 ups and downs

    by  • May 30, 2011 • race coverage, too random • 0 Comments

    The at least 40 strong women’s field started hard at Mt. Hamilton. Attacks and counterattacks began about halfway up the first pitch of the climb. Jane Despas (Yahoo) started things off to stretch her legs.  Alison Starnes (PB2012) and Flavia Oliveria (Wells Fargo) quicky responded and got a good gap (~1min) on the much reduced...

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