• impeach

    by  • August 13, 2008 • 106 Comments

    Investigation cannot be stopped.   Suskind’s evidence will be examined and acted upon. . We are in a constitutional crisis. Our President and Vice-President, among others, perpetrated fraud in their fabrication of an imminent threat to the US from Saddam Hussein and the country of Iraq. These people lied to us.  These people actively, knowingly,...

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    not “flawless” enough …

    by  • August 12, 2008 • 13 Comments

    the BBC reports that some “mime” occurred in the opening ceremonies at Beijing. - mime? - um … isn’t it called lip-syncing? They faced a dilemma because although Lin was prettier, seven-year-old Yang had the better voice, Mr Chen said. “After several tests, we decided to put Lin Miaoke on the live picture, while...

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    SoCal Kermesse’n

    by  • August 12, 2008 • 2 Comments

    Hey folks – got word from the Kahala La Grange team that there’s something wicked being cooked up this weekend down in the SoCal. It’s a 2.3 mile loop that’s mostly a speedfest … but has options for us attacking sum’beetches. Check it, though ~ in true SoCal Celeb fashion … for the Women’s...

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    and so it goes…

    by  • August 11, 2008 • 1 Comment

    i know … no politics. – – – – necessary evils are something … to grow tired of. , , this kind of ad is what i hoped not to see. but, there are idiots to persuade … so, go ahead ~ speak-on to the lowest common denominator, Barack. , you’ll be forgiven if...

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    by  • August 11, 2008 • 8 Comments

    I’m sure there’s a BIG spread coming in the print version … . but for now? days go by, and no reports/mention/or even snidely comment about the women’s National Championships. Oh, and no word of the boys, either. Maybe they don’t have the budget to work the Olympics, l’Ain, AND Armstrong getting dirty with...

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    the big stories

    by  • August 11, 2008 • 16 Comments

    On a Monday … begging for typin’ time … we discuss the haps ~ – – – TopStory? CalGiantStrawberries have gone back-to-back with National Men’s Road Champions. Last year it was Maximus the Jenk(ins) winning a U-23 title against an uber-stacked field of young bull, farmfresh and laboratory approved. This year it’s James “sliderule”...

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    BigBadBrooke is the US Champ!!!

    by  • August 9, 2008 • 9 Comments

    Miller wins it in a sprint, with Tina Pic and KatCarroll just behind. (not pictured…) – f’ing lovely. – wish i could have seen that sprint. – and, congrats out to our favorite Panda … Elis finishes that brutal race. Well done, sistah.

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    NorCal NatChamps!!!

    by  • August 9, 2008 • 2 Comments

    Stole this from the ncnca forums (thanks ScottN): Dylan Drummond (Tieni Duro), 1st in the 10-12 Road Race (in addition to 3rd in the Time Trial and 4th in the Crit) Katrina Howard (CVC), 1st in the Women’s 10-12 Road Race and Criterium (and 2nd in the TT) Jerika Hutchinson (Tibco), 1st in the...

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