• from iron to steel

    by  • July 24, 2008 • 5 Comments

    today’s stage finish is an example ~ … of why the phalanx was necessary. – carlos, next time, bring friends if you want to cut down the invading marauders. . and a big ‘ole axe. – Big Marcus OWNED that stage.

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    the way of the race

    by  • July 23, 2008 • 20 Comments

    If you haven’t seen vid of Cadel clawing his way up those final, awful alpine slopes today … well ~ you just don’t love bike racing enough. – And how lovely was it, that the same morning this sweetest, roughest grand tour battle in years, swashbuckling its way up d’Huez … we see announced...

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    pretty things

    by  • July 22, 2008 • 2 Comments

    SHEILA MOON WAREHOUSE SALE! Yup, MsMoon is fireballing her inventory to make way for the ’08 merchandise. ~ CHECK OUT DETAILS ~ If you’ve never taken a look at her stuff, check out the Aug 9th shindig and get yourself or someone you fancy a lil’ of the moon romancy. – … Fall is...

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    an update of silly proportions

    by  • July 21, 2008 • 13 Comments

    SLO-Town Criterium … best race of 2008? Shava Mohseni put together an amazing crew of SLO-hoodlums and sho’nuff they delivered a great event. When you talk about vibe and promotion and the local crowds turning on the style for the racing … yup, the SLO-Town crit pretty much slammed it in the 11t and...

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    give ‘er

    by  • July 17, 2008 • 5 Comments

    Karla the Kingsley took a superb win up at SuperWeek … one of the coveted prizes for any true cyclista dey american. The move came early in the Bensenville crit ~ Kingsley matching an acceleration by Team Revolution’s Katie Weber. The pair shot out of the pack for a long 2-up break, committing fully...

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    random returns

    by  • July 16, 2008 • 12 Comments

    thanks for letting time pass in between posts. but, back at that hack machine ~ so, let’s splice the life: – She’s down, she’s up, she’s down again The lovely was involved in one of those freak track crashes that should have been innocuous, but ended up a real pain in the ass. She’s...

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    quick update

    by  • July 12, 2008 • 36 Comments

    Sabine, Donna, and Dorit are all fine.  Broken bones for each of the three after a rare slow crash at the track. BJM might have a broken bone up in Bend during the criterium. Leon Pitts broke one as well, up at Cascade with all the other NorCal travelers. – nothing but good thoughts...

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