• while it lasts

    by  • May 18, 2008 • 4 Comments

    Coryn Rivera danced up the climb today at Kern’s double-stager. The morning stage saw circuits on the WoodyBasin or WilsonGap or something ‘er other loop somewhere in a bowl of dry, spikey, harsh foothills.  I had driven to the race last year, and remembered the cemetery where we parked that the lady freaked out...

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    it’s no day at the beach …

    by  • May 16, 2008 • 11 Comments

    i got there late and the Styler/Barret show had camp Bella in full effect. i just brought him tents to crash things with. Styler even took these pics of the womens as they baked in 100degree timetrial skidlids. {styler has the serious manstache going on. it’s part fu and all man chew.} . all...

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    Mt Hoodies … or, why Oregon is hot

    by  • May 16, 2008 • 3 Comments

    The CooperSpur circuit race yesterday sets up a very interesting (long) time trial today. BJM wins another stage? – and how about the woman’s sprint with Longo pushing barriers all up and over that final drag-effect climb. Aaron’s was going for Sanders and the QOM action all race, with MeredithMiller reported as the crusher...

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    blahblahblah … where’s the race report?

    by  • May 16, 2008 • 0 Comments

    hellyer naughties. ~ so the track on Tuesdays is the training grounds. it’s where geldings first tempt break-neck speeds and thoroughbreds fling up ernest clops of acceleration. Tuesday’s are Nolan Nights … and that means you’ve got a guy with world champ stripes on his shoulders. from Manchester. so, obviously … it’s game on....

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    my bike to work day 2

    by  • May 15, 2008 • 11 Comments

    so, i didn’t ride to work today. but here’s my week – and we’ll check the balance sheets when we’re dead ~ - MONDAY ~ Taught a Beginner Session at the Hellyer Velodrome. Loads of new people coming to the track and the ones i met monday were hip and excited about upcoming cyclo...

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    my bike to work day

    by  • May 15, 2008 • 15 Comments

    drove to work – it sucks, but that’s my option. and … weirdly enough, there was more car traffic than normal. got in work to see that yesterday afternoon someone stole the office commuter i had placed in the office for the staff’s “preventative medicine and peg’ing fun” use.i guess it’s wealth redistribution, and...

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    welcome to my playhouse

    by  • May 14, 2008 • 29 Comments

    so, last night got a glimpse of how me and the SpecialKid’s BInnes could completely dominate the US Natz Madison Champ’s this year at Hellyer. We’re of the same age and did some exchanges last night during the events. Let’s just say there would be nothing but carnage at our feet if we somehow...

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