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    NCCN is free but takes 100+ hours a month to watch races, research, photograph, podcast, youtube, write & edit. We have a small dedicated team, check us out here – About NCCN, and we try hard to entertain and inform folks interested in our area’s cycling culture. If you love NorCal cycling like we do please consider supporting norcalcyclingnews.com with a donation or recurring monthly ‘membership.’ It makes us happy, and feel useful, when we can pay for gas and lunch at a race we are covering.

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    Many of our contributors are photographers that capture all the action for us.  Our photographers support their efforts at the races through the photos they sell so please consider buying one of yourself, your team, or your favorite NorCal pro.

    almonds Merco RRTim Westmore 

    Tim Westmore is a dual threat.  He’s branched out from just taking photos to filing races reports for NCCN and the NCNCA blog.  Make sure to pick up some of Tim’s captures for your teams website, your own scrap book or for your sponsors next print ad.  You can purchase Tim’s work on his website at http://www.argentumimago.com/






    You know you have thought about it.  You’ve taken some good photos, have an opinion on a topic, or hate the number of typo’s you see.  Maybe you have a good idea for a YouTube show or podcast.  Either way we always are on the look out for contributors that can tell a story through words, photos, video or any other medium that you can think of.  It helps too if you are not a drooling idiot but we can cross that bridge when we get there.  If you are interested contact us at norcal@love.com.  We want to help you tell your story.